A game about a little drone sent back to investigate a debris field on the edge of Dark Space that seems to be caught in some kind of state of flux. You must collect as many Data Nodes as you can so that their data can be retrieved by your makers back in Cloud Space. The game currently runs on Windows only and was built in the Unreal 4.24.3 engine with all 3D modeling and texturing in the beta version of Blender 2.80. Price is: $1.99 (USD).

To view the entire playlist for the The little drone 2 development videos, watch it on You Tube.
The little drone 2
$1.99 (USD)


The game is downloaded as one single zip file. The size is just over 454 MB. After extracting the zip file save the file anywhere on your Windows computer. Make sure you have a video card with its own memory and at least a decent gaming laptop or computer. Thank you.