Smokey's adventures behind the Bermuda Triangle: Rough landing! is the first edition of a short story that describes a typical day in the life of a "Lifter". Lifters are Windmasters who get stowaways off Stone Hunter ships and give them rides to the nearest island or Windmaster colony. In this 5.2 page short we get a pretty good idea what its like to land on a Stone Hunter ship with a small biplane and also how Stone Hunters deal with stowaways on board their ships. The price is: $3 (USD).
Smokey's adventures behind the Bermuda Triangle: Rough landing!
$3 (USD)

The story

... The black birds in front of a big puffy cloud suddenly scattered in different directions. Its was not the wind. Not the cold. Not the sudden appearance of the great blue triangle far below between two bone shaped island worlds. It was a twirl and a deep funnel that was forming in the soft grey cloud. Just as the cloud was almost completely sucked back in to the black streaky fog behind it, a massive Stone Hunter ship emerged from deep inside the centre of the funnel. Its battle ram cut effortlessly through the icy air in front of it. It only took a few seconds for the ship to exit the cloud and fill the blue sky with its dark hull. Little detail was visible. Stone Hunter ships didn’t reflect light easily. They did have a lot of light inside them though. Bright blue electrical like glows wrapped around a huge but very light cargo of triangular shaped rocks pulsed with the curse of the triangle. Essential cargo for the Stone Hunters to keep their ships in the air...


This is a short story, written text only and 5.2 pages long. The product you will download is a zip file which will contain the story pages in both Word and PDF format. The illustration above is also included in the package as a JPEG file.