The Red Orphan and the ants is a five and a half page long short story about a Sky Climber in the World of Clouds. She is a young woman who wears a high tech suit and spends her life climbing from one island world to another. Her best friend is a red bird who takes her rope and hooks it onto the next higher island. In this story she encounters giant blue ants and must survive a fall into the great triangle! Price is: $3 (USD).
THE RED ORPHAN and the ants!
$3 (USD)

The story

... I was drifting in soft blue water when I woke up. My body was hurting. It felt like I fell and hit the hardest rock island in the World of Clouds. But I knew better. If that had been the case I wouldn't be alive right now. I would be shredded into a thousand pieces and be falling towards the triangle below while the winds played with me ...


The story is downloaded as a single zip file and the story pages are in both PDF and WORD format. Content is 5.5 pages long and is written text only. The illustration above is also included in the package.