Catalina PBY a 3D Blender model (rigged) version 02 - Imported into Unreal 4 project included
For non real time rendering only. Cinematics in games or for film. Not for in - gameplay usage
$65 (USD)
Licensing terms
By purchasing the model from this web page and downloading it you agree to the licensing terms below. These terms will never expire.

1. You can use this model for your own commercial or non commercial
   projects. You dont have to pay any royalties.
2. You can modify it to any extent you want.
3. You can not make this model a free download anywhere.
4. You can not give this model to your friends or anyone else.
5. You can not resell this model to anyone.

A 3D plane model of the Consolidated PBY Catalina  built in Blender, rigged, as FBX export and original 

Blender script with images for shaders packed into script. Blender is a free and open source software 

and can be downloaded here: www.blender.org. This model was built for cinematics of the 

Escape from Mill Station game project and is now available as a standalone. Price is: $65 (USD).

To view the entire playlist for the Catalina PBY 3D model development videos, watch it on You Tube.



Model was built by Etienne Andlau

1. Objects: 316
2. Mem: 785.10M
3. All external images packed inside Blender scripts.
4. This model was built in Blender version 2.78c.
5. The model was built with scene settings as it should be set up
   for the Unreal 4 game engine import. Metric, scale at 0.01, Z
   facing up, X forward, etc. 
6. The model consists of roughly 316 objects that are not joined but
   they are all parented to the same armature. 
7. Its one simple bone structure with one root bone and no constraints or IK.
8. A non triangulated and triangulated version included.
9. Textures, bump maps and specular maps included. 
10. UV unwrapped layouts included. 
11. No animations included. 
12. All objects of the plane pivot point set at 0,0,0. 
13. Wing flaps work, tail fin works, wing tip floaters retract,
    wheels retract, propellers spin, rear gun station doors slide open and close.
14. Decals can be removed or changed.

Thank you.