Rippleman and the RAIN MONSTER. A 22 page digital comic book. Price is: $3 (USD).

Rippleman and the RAIN MONSTER
$3 (USD)

The story

Dii is a young girl who lives on an island world right on the edge of a beautiful cloud bank, deep inside the World of Clouds. One day her mother sends her out to go and collect lilies for dinner. It begins to rain just as Dii is getting to the best lilies growing right near the island's edge. A creature known as the "rain monster" suddenly appears and blocks the girl's way back to her village. Then a mysterious man shows up. He walks with a cane and has glowing ripples that run over his body. He uses a clever trick to defeat the rain monster and demonstrates how a big problem or confrontation can be avoided without using any voilence. 

The ideal age group for this story is 6 - 15 but anyone of any age can enjoy it. 


The story consists of 22 pages of which 20 are in full color and 2 are in hues of brown and white. Format is JPEG and can be viewed on any computer. The illustrations are all digital.