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1. How do I convert this DAV file so I can play it on my computer?
2. Can you show me how to use Microsoft's Expression Encoder 4 which is a free 
    download and free to use to do high end screen captures?
3. Why is my computer slow?
4. Is my drive healthy? Why do files disappear or suddenly appear somewhere else  
    on my drives?
5. How do I install this program?
6. What antivirus program should I use and how do I install it and set up its 
7. How do I set up a You Tube channel with channel artwork and links?
8. How do I edit this video?
9. How do I back my files up on the cloud?
10. What is wrong with my web browser and which ones should I use?
11. I am thinking of buying this laptop but I am not sure if its going to be any good.
12. Which gaming computer should I buy and from which website should I buy it?
13. I don't think my Windows is up to date or set up right. How can we check?
14. How do I edit these videos on my phone on my computer?
15. I hate these icons on my desktop and cant get rid of them.
16. How do I uninstall this program and is it completely uninstalled when it says it 
17. What are these processes running in my task manager and which ones can I
      safely turn off?
18. I never used LinkedIn or Twitter before how can I set up an account?
19. How do I change these backgrounds in my pictures in Photoshop?
20. How do I use this Word program? 
21. I need help with backing up my files.