Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
You Tube channel for all EfMS videos:
New games to play ...

Since Balcklight is shutting down I looked around and found two new games.
Warframe and Apex Legends. 
I created two more YouTube channels for WF and AL.
I also changed my screen name in Blacklight from Bloedkop to BloedkopBL.
So I could use the same screen name in AL and WF, I just add the AL and WF at the end of Bloedkop.
Not sure if these gaming channels are a waste of time or not but they good decent attention. 
Then I am now getting back on the final concept design of my characters.
I hope to finish Roy Stratik in about a week.
We got hit with very late snow here in Bellingham and Starbucks had to close early for a few nights. Seem to be getting back to normal now.
I am waiting for uploads on my first Warframe gameplay videos.
I will be working on the Roy Stratik character this whole weekend with some gameplay distracting I think.

RIP Blacklight: Retribution ...

PC servers shutting down forever.
Very sad day.

Snow and more snow ...

2nd Kickstarter for game project ended.
Funding goal not reached.
Looks like I will just have to build the game myself and that is fine.
Starbucks closes at 7 pm tonight cutting my work time short today.
I bought a new tent to isolate myself from the outdoors.
I had to many flying and crawling things sneaking into my main structure.
Its a little small so I have to sleep diagonally in it but that is fine.
Better that then being exposed to everything that flies and crawls in the middle of a forest.
Otherwise just more snow coming in that is about all new news.
I am stuck on a logo design again another design job with little pay and no end in sight.
Always getting the worst jobs ever but that is fine.
I will finish my game project regardless of all the shit thrown at me.
Almost done with my main character concept design and hoping to bundle that and sell that on my website. 

Had our first snow 2 days ago ...

… first snow for this winter in Bellingham.
I am working on logo designs.
I tried to cheat with a Starbucks refill and when I opened my personal cup's lid there was as a solid block of ice floating in it.  LOL
Well then …
Otherwise just in the last stages of the Roy Stratik design I will finish up with that in less than a week from now.

Almost Friday ...

On Monday I got a quick VFX job in.
It came right in time for my state taxes that had to be done end of this month.
So that was a relief.
I filled out a job application for a game tester with a company in Redmond yesterday and was invited for an interview today.
I cancelled though would like to stay focused on my game project.
Other than that just doing the last bit of design work on the main character and then its time to design the female lead.

One more week on Roy Stratik character ...

About 1 more week on the Roy Stratik character and then I can bundle it and see if I can sell the designs as a collector's item on my website.
Then its onward with the Iritiree character, the female lead. 

I put my ROG laptop in the market wanted to see what I can still get for it ...

Someone was willing to pay $750 for it.
I put it on Craigslist for $900.
I am not really in a hurry to sell it but is curious what it would be worth at the moment.
Otherwise I got a reaction out of Vancouver for visual effects.
It might be work.
Had another backer for my Kickstarter this morning.
I am waiting for a PayPal transfer to go through into my bank account so I can buy propane.
Other than that I just picked up a few bites from what appears to be bed bugs. I am dealing with it though and they are better today.
Working on the wet and dirty version of the Roy with khaki shirt and pants.
I hope to finish up with the Roy Stratik character this week.

Very close to finishing up With male lead and found perfect look ...

… for Iritiree today.
Just by accident.
I was kinda hoping to stumble across a look that I surprises me and is not what I was looking for.
Looking forward to start working on this character.

Wednesday ...

I was considering last night to put the game project on hold and jump back onto the digital comic book. Finish that in a quick art style.
But today I feel I want to stay on the game project and push forward.
I am fixing Roy's hair tonight.
Went to the foodbank today and stocked up on supplies.

Completed another layer of main character concept design ...

I want to change the hair now and then do one more layer of the main character design and that is him with his shoes on and leather jacket.
Maybe holding a few alien weapons and clothing.
Very close to finishing this one character up and then move on to the female lead.

Increased price for subscription to EfMS development ...

… from $5 to $18 a year.
Complaints about me spamming on the Unreal Reddit forums so I pushed my yearly subscription up.
Crowdfunding not going well but I will see what happens there you never know.
Continuing on today with concept designs. 
Decided to change the hairstyle of my main character to better reflect the style in 1946. 
The hair would be trimmed up higher above the ears for example.

Regrouping a little today and getting back to concept designs ...

Sunny days coming up in Bellingham.
Really nice.
I hid my path to base 1 a little better since there are more and more druggies in the area.
Had a close call the other day.
My 3 crowdfunding campaigns are running but I can already see that wont really go anywhere. That is fine. I think once  a playable demo of the game is up it will do better with crowdfunding.
2019 is ahead of me now and I want to get as much done on the game as possible for end of 2020 launch.
If I have to build it al myself I simply will.

PAGE BREAK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Blog here.

Kickstarter not going too badly ...

$108 so far with 2 days into the campaign. I am following a strategy to promote mainly on Twitter this time. Asking around for retweets. 

Kickstarter not going too badly ...

$108 so far with 2 days into the campaign. I am following a strategy to promote mainly on Twitter this time. Asking around for retweets. 

Launched my 2nd Kickstarter campaign today ...

For completion of all concept art only.
$1500 funding goal.
8 February 2019 is the deadline.
We will see how it goes  :-)

Drafting my next Kickstarter ...

Dog tag complete ...

Busy with dog tag design and ...

… also thinking of doing another Kickstarter for only the completion of the concept art.

Completed .38 revolver side arm ...

… today.
I have to do the dog tag for the Roy Stratik character and then I am onward with one level up and going to do the dirty and wet version of the full khaki look.
I am hoping to be done with the Roy Stratik character design in about a week from now.

Marching on ...

As finances are biting and biting I am marching onward.
I completed the Type 2 service boots design for my Roy Stratik character yesterday.
Today was foodbank and fresh fish to eat tonight.
I am really looking forward to that.
Then I am starting to work on the sidearm for the character.
Had to look at a lot of pictures online today to see what the navy sidearms were for officers back in WW2.
I am set on a under the shoulder holster and .38 revolver for now. It was apparently the most commonly issued weapon in that time.
Then I am considering moving back to California again and see if I can start over there.
I would love to get back to somewhere near San Francisco again. I miss the big city.
And the jobs  :-)

First day of 2019 ...

… and still no snow yet in Bellingham  :-)
Working on Roy's shoes' design today.
After that I will do the full khaki wet and dirty look.
Then its one more level of design for the Roy Stratik character and its onward to the other characters in the game.
Looking forward to a very busy development year for 2019.

Socks ...

Completed the clean khaki look of Roy Stratik character with socks.
Side arm, leather jacket, gloves and shoes next.

Completed wrist watch and pin ...

its the 26th one day after Christmas.
I am up early to get some work done and will be going down to the foodbank at 1pm a little later.
I completed the pin and wrist watch designs for Roy Stratik character.
I got my reference off a website at first that proved to be totally wrong.
I designed a British watch first and after it was pointed out to me in a forum I had to redo it and design a US version.
People really know their watches out there.
I am working on the color modeling of the full khaki outfit for the main character today.
Next up will be his flight jacket, head gear, gloves and shoes. Getting closer to getting the main character done and then I can finally move on to the other characters.

New VFX work and tutorial series on AI ...

I got some new VFX work in and kept me busy the last 2 days. Got paid and waiting for the money to transfer through to my bank account.
I should have it later today or tomorrow.
Then I finished watching a tutorial series AI beginner to advanced. It was a 11 part series and I learned a lot. I understand how scan hits work now and how I can address each different body part of the target character. That is great because I do plan on adjusting my character's mobility and health to each body part that takes a hit, just "overall health".
I also learned how to set up AI with Blueprints and Behavioral trees. Figured out what EQS is and how to use it. So that was a good learning experience and I have fewer worries now. I also been working on my Roy Stratik character and almost done with its shirt and pants (clean) look. Its coming along nicely.
Its Christmas weekend coming up and I am not sure what I will be doing yet.

Strong winds ...

Strong winds picked up later afternoon yesterday and blew my base 1 apart.
I had to fix everything today so late start on the concept painting.
I am working on the pants now of the Roy Stratik character.
After I am done with its line drawing then I will do the color modeling on both the short and pants.
I hope to wrap up with the Roy Stratik character next week so I can start on the female lead. 

Concept design on Roy character coming along ...

Progress a little slow.
In the last 2 days I have been working on color scheme of his working uniform.
The colors of that time and his rank are pretty specific so I didn't have much room to maneuver. I am now not far away from finishing his shirt and pants and I am also thinking about how I will actually build it, cloth or not.
I am considering to test a collision boy, just a simple mesh, underneath the shirt and pants and actually making the clothes loth. I will have to test that though to see how that works. I am just a little worried about the cloth allowing the body to stick through when glitches happen. So I will see. 
I am also downloading tutorials on AI and beginning to think how I will make my NPCies work. Looks like its going to be a whole combination of things, not just BT or BP but a hybrid of that plus EQS and maybe Utility AI.
Everyone has different opinions. I will have to build it myself and test it.
I am very worried about time and how long the concept designs are taking but I an enjoying the process. 
At least I know I am working every step thoroughly as it should in a AAA game.

Cleaning up ...

Rough lines sketches of shirt and pants.
Tomorrow I will be working on the other poses of the character in shirt and pants.
Then its the dirty and wet looks next ...

After a lot of research I came up with the AK (all khaki) look ...

Completed all the underwear versions of main character ...

… happy to be moving on with real clothing and gear now.  :-)

Installed new version 21.1 of Unreal and finished with "clean" vest ...

… concept design for my character Roy Stratik.
Tomorrow will be doing the dirty and wet version of the character with vest.
Then I am starting on the pants, wrist watch, shirt and socks.

Installed and tested Blender 2.8 yesterday for the first time ...

New Blender 2.8 running pretty smooth on my ROG laptop.
A few minor bugs but its still in beta.
Otherwise its looking pretty promising.
I testing an older model from my prototype game and it opens in the new Blender 2.8.
I found an Unreal 4 addon online and installed it but it flagged me and told me it needs an update.
It would enable me to export meshes with pivot point always in the center of the object so I wouldn't have to drag the map in Blender around to always center the mesh I am exporting on the 000 axis.
That would be  great.
Other than that just working on final concept designs.

Side view corrected ...

Discovered a mistake in my side view of the Roy Stratik character.
His torso way too short.
Not sure how that happened.
Corrected that first thing today.
Then I renewed my Website hosting package and World of Clouds domain for another year.
Continuing on with final concept designs ...

Completed 'base level" of Roy Stratik design ...

I completed the "base level" or the level with him wearing the least clothes concept design today. I am now working on layering his clothing and gear. Coming along. The most exiting thing is I now have enough money to pull through until end of January so I can work on my game only.

Saturday 1st of December ...

I took a break from working on my concept paintings for a while now and I was able to put a fresh eye on the work today. The intensity of the wetness on the character bothered me this time so I reduced it. he looks less oily now. I am almost done with the wet and dirty in boxers look, which is the very bottom layer of the character. After this I will be building his clothing up in layers. Looking forward to that. Winter is hitting Bellingham and I have a bit of savings now to last me a while at least pull me through past Christmas and deep into January. So for a little while I can focus on my game development and no need to worry about work and making money.

More VFX work yesterday ...

I had more VFX and graphics work come in yesterday but completed it quickly and now I am finally and really back on my final concept designs today. Its nice to have my computer to myself for a change. :-)

A surge of VFX completed and getting back on game now ...

Just completed a whole bunch of visual effects work and I am getting back to my game project now finally :-)


Today is freeing up space on my ftp server, getting rid of very old work and killing double backups.
I linked my business checking account's debit card with my PayPal account so I should be able to transfer money much faster over from PayPal now. It should take minutes now in stead of entire weekends.
Then I have money again tomorrow and looking forward to start an early day on concept designing for game.

Disc space management today ...

Drawing up a strategy list tonight on how I can move faster with production of EfMS ...

Just sitting tonight a drawing up a strategy list of how I can move faster forward with production of game project.
One of the things will be getting up earlier so I can get a full 12 hour day every single day of the week. That would help. 
Just simple things too like not getting distracted and staying focused on the work. 
No big changes just a few simple rules I want to roll out after tonight.

Music ...

I made another turn and decided to attempt to create my own music for the game and not use a composer. I downloaded Tracktion T7 a free to use DAW and did a few tests on it. I don't think I will be able to write a full orchestral score for the game but I might be able to keep it to simple moody musical sounds combined with sound effects. We will see. I published the first test on Tracktion on my You Tube channel here:  

Getting data storage, file system, backups and ...

… designing ways to work faster on the game sorted out tonight.
I don't want to be backing up the same files over and over again so I am designing a file system that would make it easy for speedy and efficient data backups. 
I consolidated both the prototype game and the final game project data into one folder structure and in a way that they are both accessible easily and fast. Basically dealing with setting up and data structure issues tonight. I want to make sure when I launch the final Unreal game project script for the game that backups and version control flow really smoothly. I learned a lot from building the prototype and I wont make the same mistakes again.

Friday ...

Halloween is almost here.
Its raining now almost every day.
I have to get base 1 ready for the winder and for the rain.
I have to do that in the next 2 days.
Otherwise I am back on final concept designs for characters.
I have another visual effects jobs resuming middle next week and I could really use the money right now.
I set up my own gaming channel Bloedkop on YouTube for Blacklight: Retribution gameplay and already have 5 subscribers.  

Teaser 2 is out and finally getting back to final concept designs ...

With the Catalina model having sold the first copy I decided to put a quick teaser 2 together. That is out and have been doing well. The only struggle with teaser 2 was keyframing the position of the camera in Sequencer. I published that on my YouTube channel. Then I got a 2nd wave of freelance VFX work in and that is going well. A little money coming in before Christmas. Then I have been testing my Nvidia screen recorder and that turned out to do a really good job. 

First Catalina sold ...

Sold my first Catalina off my World of Clouds website about 2 days ago.
Very happy about that.
The buyer is Duro Murobulo and he is using it in his game AreaZ Game.
Had some migration issues and I also should have set model project up all under one single folder as to not interfere with buyer's folder names but I learned.
I am now reworking the Catalina a bit, Fixing rear windows, weight painting issues and adding a few animations. I also want to rework the blueprint so components are set up with tags.
Then next week I expect to be busy with teaser 2 of the game.

Catalina is on my website ...

Catalina montage completed and I am selling both the Unreal and Blender version on my website. I have to put the Unreal Marketplace on hold for now because they only pay out after 45 days and only if the total sales amount is over $100. I need money faster than that sorry. 
I got some visual effects work in and had to push teaser 2 for the game by one week. Otherwise everything is fine.

Catalina is in Unreal and everything works ...

The following steps remain and I hope to finish by weekend:

1. Blender version:
- flip propellers.
- decimate rivets rear gun stations.
- Improve textures.
- Publish on WoC download store.
2. Unreal version:
- Improve textures.
- Create all animations.
- Include UVlayouts.
- Get package ready for Unreal Marketplace.
- Submit to Marketplace.
- Publish on WoC download store.
3. Unreal shots:
- Set up last three shots of montage and render with Sequencer.
- Nuke fixes on Blender renders.
- Edit final montage and publish on You Tube channel.

Saturday 22nd September ...

Things are going pretty well.
I am very busy building the Catalina inside Unreal 4 in Pawn Class Blueprint and its holding together nicely so far.
Stat Unit is still all green so that is good.
No performance hit yet.
I learned how to increase the scale bounds of the skeletal mesh so the view camera doesn't clip the wings.
Otherwise I am just sorting through the textures and shaders that are a complete mess.
Its taking a really long time but I am about 75% done.
Once the plane is in the engine I plan to build the last shot of the montage sequence with plane flying over and ocean of some kind.
I figured out how to turn ray trace reflections on in the engine and did a small test and its looking great.
I also found my first buyer for the plane model I just hope I can finish all the work before I lose him.
Rain season started in Bellingham. 

Thursday aftermath

Was busy with VFX job that kicked off a week ago.
Building 3D environments inside Nuke.
Unfortunately my hardware wasn't fast enough to render it out.
I did figure out how to import a Nuke camera into Unreal 4.

I am now back on building Catalina plane in Blueprint inside Unreal 4.

Catalina ...

So figured out a way to import the Catalina plane into Unreal 4.
I tried to combine / join all the individual meshes that make up the plane into one but I ran into UV issues.
Then I figured out that the 2nd UV channel on each object / mesh were creating problems. When I applied texture to one part of the plane it repeated on another apart. Deleted the 2nd UV channel on each part and now the material slots are matching up nicely.
Animations and skeleton works fine.
So the method is have all objects have only one UV channel, keep objects unjoined, just select all including armature and export as one single .fbx out of Blender. Then import into Unreal 4. 
It looks like that will work.