Escape from Mill Station Blog
A special thank you to Anthony Sipsas, Francois Andlau and Dane Stack for their kind donations to the development of the World of Clouds and the Escape from Mill Station game project.
Thank you :-)
Watching solar eclipse ...

Adjusted the sahders a bit but needs more fine tuning ...

... while waiting for the eclipse at 10.20 AM.

Colors coming in ...

Specular maps done ...

Finally done with the specular maps.
I picked up some minor artifacts in the painting on the tail fins of the plane.
I deleted Blender's temp files that was just over 4.5 GB in total.
Problem solved.
I am now ready to start putting in the actual colors of the plane.

Still working on specular maps ...

Going painfully slow but looking good.
Had panting specular maps.
After that I want to paint in the true colors and dirt and bump map passes.
Hopefully that wont take too long.

Working on reflection maps ...

Texturing begins finally ...

UV mapping and shaders done.
Its the final step.

Cat still renders out fine ...

CPU render ...

My graphics card cant handle the Catalina render anymore.
Got out of memory errors.
So I changed over to CPU render and put the cap on Memory at 5000 GB.
Memory peaks during render at 2.6 GB on 8 processors.
It takes about 10 minutes for one frame to render.
About 200 of 309 objects have textures and shaders on them now.
Looks like the plane is holding together and Blender can still render it out.

Got my business license today yay!

Glass shader ...

Shaders with number mapping ...

Blender render layers ...

I will have to use render layers and combine those with nodes in the compositor in Blender. Blender is crashing on me with all the shaders.

Test render ...

Unreal 4.17 released today ...

Installed it and game runs fine in it.
Boy my fans of my ROG laptop sure turned on while over 3000 shaders had to re-compile :-)
But I don't see any issues so far.

UV mapping in progress ...

Working on UV mapping ...

Registered ...

Domain is registered for the game.
I am still figuring out how I want to present World of Clouds, EFMS and Clikfoot.
How to set the web pages up and how they should relate to each other.

It was a good Sunday ...

After many different designs I finally settled on one of them. I simple idea.
I also finished up with the rest of the corporate website and I am busy with projecting number references onto the Catalina plane. I am also building simple shaders in Blender just to get an idea how heavy the plane becomes in the viewer. So far so good. Discovered a webcam on our building.

Finished setting up my company website ...

Changed design of corporate logo ...

CLIKFOOT registered ...

I registered CLIKFOOT today with the city of Bellingham.
Did a few logo designs for it.
Getting ready for the fundraising that lies right around the corner.

Community day at Regus free ice cream and pizza ...

Smog from Canada ...

We are getting smog all the way from Canada today.
Last 2 days have been like this.
The Hornets' nest is no more.
I found it in pieces all over the ground this morning.
No bees in sight.

Website views this year ...

Monday and the end of July ...

August is upon us and I am about to finish up on the Catalina model for the trailer.
Very exited about it.
I do discover mistakes in the UV unwrapping as I go along with the UV mapping so that holds me up a little.
Overlapping UVies mainly, here and there.
I got some ALEVE this morning to help with muscle pain in my lower back from all the sitting. It seems to work.
Otherwise things are looking good and marching forward. 

UV mapping in progress ...

This plane sure is a project in itself.
I hope I will be able to afford modelers for the final game otherwise I see lots of pain ahead.
I can download UV maps but I prefer to hand draw numbers in over islands since their sizes vary greatly and I am just thinking if I download a UV coordinate chart that some of the numbers will be too big to fit into a single island and hard to see.
Other than that its coming along fine and I am hoping to finish with it by tomorrow.

Finally completed UV unwrapping ...

Starting on UV mapping next.

Still UV unwrapping ...

Well I do have 309 individual objects to UV unwrap and create a lightmap for so no wonder its taking forever.
I am almost done with 2nd engine and then its just the two rear gun stations and tail left to do.
I will probably finish tomorrow.
Then its the whole of Sunday for UV mapping before the texture painting begins.
Getting there.

UV unwrapping ...

Two engines left to do and then the tail.
Then I am done with UV unwrapping.
UV mapping begins tomorrow and will take God knows how long.
Fuck this shit takes forever.

Still busy with UV unwrapping

Tedious but coming along.
I will be UV mapping in a day or two.
I am hoping to get the trailer done by mid August.
My Map Makers book arrived from Amazon and its nice to see my old book again.
I forgot what a nice job I did on it HAH.
Office is working out great.
Went to buy groceries and snacks for it this morning from Safeway and Hagens.


Easy day today.
I am bringing my hardware into the office now.
I updated my older Asus laptop with Windows updates, latest version of Blender and so on.
I also brought my 5TB external in and doing backups.
I tuned back in to BBC world service radio and its nice to be in touch with the world again.
Watched a game dev stream on Twitch and cant help but notice hoe nice it is to have a country behind you that takes care of you while you can just sit and work on your future and build things.
Must be nice.

Started UV unwrapping ...

Started UV unwrapping each of the 309 objects of the plane.
Avoided the Hornets' nest this morning.
I can already see the UV unwrapping and texture painting will take a while.
Might be 4 days or so.
So looks like I will have the entire plane done by the end of the week.

Cat rigging is done ...

Everything is weight painted and fine tuned.
Texturing and shader building begins ... Woo Woo
There popped up a hornet's nest right by the path I take to walk home every day.
They swarmed around my head but went away without stinging me.

Added sone lighting ...

Friday ...

So both me and my brother are moved in to the office space.
Everything went pretty smooth.
We have a great operations manager Mike who is really friendly and helped us out a lot.
Only thing that went horribly wrong was a big and tall filing cabinet that we ordered from Office Depot and had delivered. It came in assembled in a box and it took me a while to unpack the whole thing. Next issue was no Phillips screwdriver with it. Next thing was the holes in the sides of the cabinet were too small for the screws. So we called the depot and they scheduled a pickup for Monday. Shit. What a waste of time that was. The I just asked Mike if they had a bigger lockable filing cabinet on site. He said yes and moments later we had one we didn'r even had to pay for. Great. Out neighbors are nice. Sales people. We also got two small desk lamps for out tables and now we can just kill the florecants in the ceiling and I can have my screen nice and dark.
Chairs are very comfortable and sure beats the hard wooden torture stools we had in Coffee shops. 
Things are looking up. I have the two engines left to weight paint and then I am done with rigging. Texture painting and shader building next.

Move in ...

Moved into new office everything great.
Strange being back in an office again will have to get used to it all over again.
I have the left winf tip float assembly to do on the Catalina and then the only weight painting left to do is on the two engines. 
Then its all texture painting and shader building after that.
I expect to be done with the plane right after this weekend.

Weight painting left to do ...

I just finished up with the two rear wheel rigs.
I have left:
1. Front wheel rig.
2. Floaters at tips of wings.
3. Engines.

New office and pepper spray ...

Ordered pepper spray online and got it today. More and more homeless and meth heads on the streets these days so this is an issue that cant wait any more. Me and my brother will be moving into a new office building here in Bellingham on Friday morning and I am really looking forward to it. No more working out of Starbucks.

Weight painting coming along ...

I had some issues with weight painted objects just breaking. Blender seems to just forget what bone is weight painted to what. So I had to redo a whole bunch of weight painting on the left side rear gun station doors. Weird. Its working now. I find that after I weight paint each object and a close and reopen Blender again then it somehow remember better. Interesting. Drove me a little crazy there for at least an hour. Back on track. The tail and rear gun stations are done and everything moves as it should. I had to stretch the glass of one of the windows a tiny bit to avoid seeing "holes" as the doors slide shut.

Adding a bit more to the armature ...

I forgot to add bones to the front wheel's cover doors so doing that today.
Maybe I will add to the little masts on the wings and cables leading to the tail so they can be wiggled in an animation.

Armature is built ...

Can only rely on myself ...

I guess its just a fact I will have to accept that I can only rely on myself and everyone is a loser around me.
Tough luck. So be it.
Me, myself and I.

Rig for landing gear in rear ...

Did a quick parenting with auto weights test ...

I did a quick test. I selected all the objects that makes up the plane and shift selected the armature. Blender took a while to do the parenting. At least 3 minutes while it worked. But the result was fine. I can rotate the bones and the plane deforms as it should. So now I know that it works. I have the bones left to do around the landing gear and then I am ready for weight painting.
Meanwhile I am working on plans to build the game myself with zero funding because I just don't think raising funds for this project will bring in much if anything. I can clearly see the potential of this amazing story but I am afraid I have zero confidence in investors' ability to share that vision. Just the way the world is out there and now with Net Neutrality in great danger I see the internet being decimated in the near future too.
Dark times ahead. Hopefully, maybe not. We will have to see.

Building the armature ...

Modeling of the Cat is done ...

Moving on with rigging.
There is is water restrictions in place up here in Bellingham and they are actually spray painting the grass green around the Starbucks here.

Adding plate boards and more seams to belly and neck of plane ...

Plate boards were used during the war to seal up holes in the plane caused by enemy fire.

Seams and detail on the belly ...

Cutting seams and adding detail to the belly of the aircraft.
Its going to be one more day for modeling I am afraid aargh.
I found out today that you can rig separate objects (meshes) to one single armature so that is great news. I can therefor UV map every object on its own. Overlapping UVies wont matter in Unreal since a skeletal mesh don't need light maps.

Cockpit windows ...

Putting cockpit windows in, then its 2 chairs in the front and some main body detail. Then modeling is done. very close now.  
Looking forward to rigging this plane its going to be fun.