Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
You Tube channel for all EfMS videos:
Strong winds ...

Strong winds picked up later afternoon yesterday and blew my base 1 apart.
I had to fix everything today so late start on the concept painting.
I am working on the pants now of the Roy Stratik character.
After I am done with its line drawing then I will do the color modeling on both the short and pants.
I hope to wrap up with the Roy Stratik character next week so I can start on the female lead. 

Concept design on Roy character coming along ...

Progress a little slow.
In the last 2 days I have been working on color scheme of his working uniform.
The colors of that time and his rank are pretty specific so I didn't have much room to maneuver. I am now not far away from finishing his shirt and pants and I am also thinking about how I will actually build it, cloth or not.
I am considering to test a collision boy, just a simple mesh, underneath the shirt and pants and actually making the clothes loth. I will have to test that though to see how that works. I am just a little worried about the cloth allowing the body to stick through when glitches happen. So I will see. 
I am also downloading tutorials on AI and beginning to think how I will make my NPCies work. Looks like its going to be a whole combination of things, not just BT or BP but a hybrid of that plus EQS and maybe Utility AI.
Everyone has different opinions. I will have to build it myself and test it.
I am very worried about time and how long the concept designs are taking but I an enjoying the process. 
At least I know I am working every step thoroughly as it should in a AAA game.

Cleaning up ...

Rough lines sketches of shirt and pants.
Tomorrow I will be working on the other poses of the character in shirt and pants.
Then its the dirty and wet looks next ...

After a lot of research I came up with the AK (all khaki) look ...

Completed all the underwear versions of main character ...

… happy to be moving on with real clothing and gear now.  :-)

Installed new version 21.1 of Unreal and finished with "clean" vest ...

… concept design for my character Roy Stratik.
Tomorrow will be doing the dirty and wet version of the character with vest.
Then I am starting on the pants, wrist watch, shirt and socks.

Installed and tested Blender 2.8 yesterday for the first time ...

New Blender 2.8 running pretty smooth on my ROG laptop.
A few minor bugs but its still in beta.
Otherwise its looking pretty promising.
I testing an older model from my prototype game and it opens in the new Blender 2.8.
I found an Unreal 4 addon online and installed it but it flagged me and told me it needs an update.
It would enable me to export meshes with pivot point always in the center of the object so I wouldn't have to drag the map in Blender around to always center the mesh I am exporting on the 000 axis.
That would be  great.
Other than that just working on final concept designs.

Side view corrected ...

Discovered a mistake in my side view of the Roy Stratik character.
His torso way too short.
Not sure how that happened.
Corrected that first thing today.
Then I renewed my Website hosting package and World of Clouds domain for another year.
Continuing on with final concept designs ...

Completed 'base level" of Roy Stratik design ...

I completed the "base level" or the level with him wearing the least clothes concept design today. I am now working on layering his clothing and gear. Coming along. The most exiting thing is I now have enough money to pull through until end of January so I can work on my game only.

Saturday 1st of December ...

I took a break from working on my concept paintings for a while now and I was able to put a fresh eye on the work today. The intensity of the wetness on the character bothered me this time so I reduced it. he looks less oily now. I am almost done with the wet and dirty in boxers look, which is the very bottom layer of the character. After this I will be building his clothing up in layers. Looking forward to that. Winter is hitting Bellingham and I have a bit of savings now to last me a while at least pull me through past Christmas and deep into January. So for a little while I can focus on my game development and no need to worry about work and making money.

More VFX work yesterday ...

I had more VFX and graphics work come in yesterday but completed it quickly and now I am finally and really back on my final concept designs today. Its nice to have my computer to myself for a change. :-)

A surge of VFX completed and getting back on game now ...

Just completed a whole bunch of visual effects work and I am getting back to my game project now finally :-)


Today is freeing up space on my ftp server, getting rid of very old work and killing double backups.
I linked my business checking account's debit card with my PayPal account so I should be able to transfer money much faster over from PayPal now. It should take minutes now in stead of entire weekends.
Then I have money again tomorrow and looking forward to start an early day on concept designing for game.

Disc space management today ...

Drawing up a strategy list tonight on how I can move faster with production of EfMS ...

Just sitting tonight a drawing up a strategy list of how I can move faster forward with production of game project.
One of the things will be getting up earlier so I can get a full 12 hour day every single day of the week. That would help. 
Just simple things too like not getting distracted and staying focused on the work. 
No big changes just a few simple rules I want to roll out after tonight.

Music ...

I made another turn and decided to attempt to create my own music for the game and not use a composer. I downloaded Tracktion T7 a free to use DAW and did a few tests on it. I don't think I will be able to write a full orchestral score for the game but I might be able to keep it to simple moody musical sounds combined with sound effects. We will see. I published the first test on Tracktion on my You Tube channel here:  

Getting data storage, file system, backups and ...

… designing ways to work faster on the game sorted out tonight.
I don't want to be backing up the same files over and over again so I am designing a file system that would make it easy for speedy and efficient data backups. 
I consolidated both the prototype game and the final game project data into one folder structure and in a way that they are both accessible easily and fast. Basically dealing with setting up and data structure issues tonight. I want to make sure when I launch the final Unreal game project script for the game that backups and version control flow really smoothly. I learned a lot from building the prototype and I wont make the same mistakes again.

Friday ...

Halloween is almost here.
Its raining now almost every day.
I have to get base 1 ready for the winder and for the rain.
I have to do that in the next 2 days.
Otherwise I am back on final concept designs for characters.
I have another visual effects jobs resuming middle next week and I could really use the money right now.
I set up my own gaming channel Bloedkop on YouTube for Blacklight: Retribution gameplay and already have 5 subscribers.  

Teaser 2 is out and finally getting back to final concept designs ...

With the Catalina model having sold the first copy I decided to put a quick teaser 2 together. That is out and have been doing well. The only struggle with teaser 2 was keyframing the position of the camera in Sequencer. I published that on my YouTube channel. Then I got a 2nd wave of freelance VFX work in and that is going well. A little money coming in before Christmas. Then I have been testing my Nvidia screen recorder and that turned out to do a really good job. 

First Catalina sold ...

Sold my first Catalina off my World of Clouds website about 2 days ago.
Very happy about that.
The buyer is Duro Murobulo and he is using it in his game AreaZ Game.
Had some migration issues and I also should have set model project up all under one single folder as to not interfere with buyer's folder names but I learned.
I am now reworking the Catalina a bit, Fixing rear windows, weight painting issues and adding a few animations. I also want to rework the blueprint so components are set up with tags.
Then next week I expect to be busy with teaser 2 of the game.

Catalina is on my website ...

Catalina montage completed and I am selling both the Unreal and Blender version on my website. I have to put the Unreal Marketplace on hold for now because they only pay out after 45 days and only if the total sales amount is over $100. I need money faster than that sorry. 
I got some visual effects work in and had to push teaser 2 for the game by one week. Otherwise everything is fine.

Catalina is in Unreal and everything works ...

The following steps remain and I hope to finish by weekend:

1. Blender version:
- flip propellers.
- decimate rivets rear gun stations.
- Improve textures.
- Publish on WoC download store.
2. Unreal version:
- Improve textures.
- Create all animations.
- Include UVlayouts.
- Get package ready for Unreal Marketplace.
- Submit to Marketplace.
- Publish on WoC download store.
3. Unreal shots:
- Set up last three shots of montage and render with Sequencer.
- Nuke fixes on Blender renders.
- Edit final montage and publish on You Tube channel.

Saturday 22nd September ...

Things are going pretty well.
I am very busy building the Catalina inside Unreal 4 in Pawn Class Blueprint and its holding together nicely so far.
Stat Unit is still all green so that is good.
No performance hit yet.
I learned how to increase the scale bounds of the skeletal mesh so the view camera doesn't clip the wings.
Otherwise I am just sorting through the textures and shaders that are a complete mess.
Its taking a really long time but I am about 75% done.
Once the plane is in the engine I plan to build the last shot of the montage sequence with plane flying over and ocean of some kind.
I figured out how to turn ray trace reflections on in the engine and did a small test and its looking great.
I also found my first buyer for the plane model I just hope I can finish all the work before I lose him.
Rain season started in Bellingham. 

Thursday aftermath

Was busy with VFX job that kicked off a week ago.
Building 3D environments inside Nuke.
Unfortunately my hardware wasn't fast enough to render it out.
I did figure out how to import a Nuke camera into Unreal 4.

I am now back on building Catalina plane in Blueprint inside Unreal 4.

Catalina ...

So figured out a way to import the Catalina plane into Unreal 4.
I tried to combine / join all the individual meshes that make up the plane into one but I ran into UV issues.
Then I figured out that the 2nd UV channel on each object / mesh were creating problems. When I applied texture to one part of the plane it repeated on another apart. Deleted the 2nd UV channel on each part and now the material slots are matching up nicely.
Animations and skeleton works fine.
So the method is have all objects have only one UV channel, keep objects unjoined, just select all including armature and export as one single .fbx out of Blender. Then import into Unreal 4. 
It looks like that will work.

Been a while since I wrote anything in my blog ...

… I have been very busy getting back on social media.
I reopened Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Discord, Artstation and Reddit accounts and groups.
Have been getting a lot of hits on my You Tube videos but no freelance work yet.
I completed another render of a Catalina shot as part of montage of showcase. I posted that on You Tube. 
Other than that I have to get back on track with concept painting.
I get so little work from the entertainment industry that I am seriously considering to just dumb all efforts in that arena and rather just look for a dumb part time job to keep me going while I work on my game.
I will give the looking for work thing in the arts industry another week or so and then just stop all efforts on that.
I am wasting tons of time looking for work in that field I could be working on my game.

Tuesday ...

Completed the wet and dirty versions of Roy character in boxers. Tomorrow I just need to complete a few more angles and then I will start adding layers of clothing.

Working on the wet and dirty versions of the Roy character ...

I am working on the wet and dirty versions of the character now.
As I add more layered clothing and gear I will be doing the same for each layer.
I have 3 more shots of the Catalina showcase montage to render out after the one I am hoping to finish today.
1. rear wheels retracting.
2. in flight from bottom right to left.
3. in flight from right to left behind plane.

Completed all the angles on the first version of Roy Stratik ...


Its Friday after I wasted 3 days with another crazy client.
it must stop.
I am continuing on with final concept designs now. 
Not sure what to do about the work for money situation that seems pretty poor right now and maybe getting worse.
Catalina renders coming along nicely.
About 4 more shots to render out then I am done and the montage is ready to be published on my You Tube channel.

Good day for freelance work ... sort of ...

I had three pretty serious enquiries about 3D and VFX work today.
Two of them "shifted" to "we will do it later" mainly because of budget reasons.
I still have one pending and the client mentioned he need it done in 5 days so that one might still pan out.
Otherwise I am just downloading a new gameplay video. Last Guardian, from You Tube so I can watch it on my laptop at night.
Didn't get much concept painting done today.
Hoping tomorrow will be a more productive day with game concept work.


No sign of any freelance work yet.
Little worried but I am still doing fine with the little money I have left.
Which is around $4 actually.
Finding my resources and doing fine.
Work on the concept designs continues.
I am almost done with the Roy in boxers version.
Then I look forward to starting to build his clothing up in layers and adding his gear.
Otherwise just very hot and sunny days in Bellingham.


I walked to the foodbank this afternoon.
I don't have money for a bus at the moment so its boots and backpack time  :-)
It went fine and I am stocked up again for 2 weeks.
I scheduled the character concept designs again and it looks like I will complete that on the 27th of January 2019.
That is assuming that I do all the concept designs myself.
Then I am back working on the Roy Stratik final concept paintings and will be done with him around mid next week.

Schedule for character final concept designs ...

I changed my mind and took down the schedule I had mapped out for each of the concept designs for the characters.
Its not holding up really well and I wont to stay creative and not force it.
I think this is a very important stage and I don't want to rush myself through it.
Otherwise everything good and cruising right along.
I posted several time - lapse concept painting videos on You Tube and will soon be done with the "Roy in boxers" version of the character. I just do these versions so his body is established underneath the clothing which I feel is very important.
Also unlike other games my character will take some of his clothes off when he goes swimming not just dive in which I think is ridiculous. 
It will slow the gameplay down but anyone going for a swim needs a little time to prep for it at least.

Busy with full body on Roy ...

I finished all the head angles and working on the full bodies now.
My bank account is back up again after a small PayPal transfer.
Another very hot day in Bellingham.
Brother is happy with his new job he started today at an accounting firm in South Africa.
Schedule for concept designs already bottlenecking up.
Will have to get going that.
Made some eggs this morning before I headed out.
Bought some twine today for $2.93 at Lowes to reinforce my base 1 structure.

Its been a day of tweaking the Roy concept sketches ...

… just improving them, making necks shorter, legs shorter and heads bigger where I felt it needed it.
I rendered out some of the time - lapse painting videos again and posted on my You Tube channel. I will do all the full bodies now of Roy.
Tomorrow I have a little money in again and just need to buy a few essentials so I can continue with game development.
Otherwise everything good.

PAGE BREAK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Swinging back to concept painting ...

Done emailing around for work now until Monday.
Going to try and get the Roy Stratik character done by Sunday night.
I will have to pick up the pace with concept design if I am ever going to get though it. 

Have $2 in my name left so its urgent that I get some work in ...

I am going to sit and email around for freelance work until I find it.
Money is running too low.
Otherwise things are good.
I was laughing at the foodbank today.
There is a loser doing a survey in the line and asking people how valuable the foodbank service is to them on a scale of one to 10. 
He is doing that while the line is going around the block.
Shows you how blind people can be.

Working on another angle of the face ...

Made up a donations email template ...

Sending a donations email around.
Asking $1 for donations to my development fund to see where that goes.
If I get yelled at too much for spam then I will stop.

Picking up with Roy concept paintings ...

I am giving emailing around for work a break now for a week and getting back to my concept painting.
I will look for freelance work again in about a week.
I feel more and more I am wasting my time with looking for freelance VFX and graphics work.
Looks like no one needs that anymore or there is just too much competition out there.

Sunday ...

I unlocked my Twitter account but deleted the account.
The clients I need don't really hang out on the web.
So see no reason why I need all that social media to find freelance work.
Its just silly.
So I spent most of today emailing around promoting my freelance digital services of CLIKFOOT hoping to hit on a job here and there.
So far a few reactions but nothing that is going to pay a bill.
I will resume concept painting on the Roy character tomorrow through Thursday.
Otherwise everything is cruising right along.

Had another social media moment today ...

Kinda like a heat attack.
Quick and painful and over quick. 

Saturday ...

Today I am continuing on with my renders in Blender of my Catalina model showcase.
I am emailing around for freelance graphics and VFX work which has been little dry the last 3 weeks.
I am also converting a gameplay video of Heavy Rain I downloaded form You Tube from WEBM format to iPod mp4 format so I can watch it on my phone. They have a lot of clever actions the characters can do in that game and I want to see how that works. Although I don't think its that streamlined and seamless I think I can do a lot better.
Other than that I am tightening up my "helping everyone out with computer issues" and will be charging a fee for that now. I don't see why I have to do free work for people who owns businesses, have kids, have cars, have a wife, etc. 

Target date set for game's release ...

Friday 18 December 2020.

On my to do list for today ...

1. Finish off my calendar for 2020.
2. Continue with background renders in Blender Cycles on Catalina plane showcase.
3. Pick up again on final concept designs for Roy Stratik.
4. Reposting subs ads on Craigslist for website.
I also updated my Unreal 4.20 to 4.20.1

Sub buttons ...

I put the subscription pages back on the website.

Uninstalled UDK from my backup laptop yesterday ...

I had to uninstall UDK (Unreal 3) from my older U56E Asus laptop yesterday.
It was a very sad moment.
Then I installed Unreal 4.20 on it and filled up all the empty disc space again  :-)

Today ...

1. Worked and settled into my new Clikfoot base.
2. Finishing of calendars for 2018, 2019 and 2020 getting ready for a long haul. 
I will continue and finish off the final concept designs for Roy starting tomorrow.
I expect to be busy with that for 7 days.
No work yet.
Deathly silence like the world ended or something.  :-)