Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model

Production on prototype game project started on 28 August 2015.
Production on final game project started on 21 December 2017.
First published 26 December 2017
Updated 28 April 2018.
Updated 15 May 2018.
Updated 19 May 2018.
Updated 20 May 2018.
Updated 31 May 2018.
Updated 24 June 2018.
Updated 30 June 2018.
Updated 1 July 2018.
Updated 31 October 2018.
Updated 3 November 2018.
Updated 2 December 2018.
Updated 10 December 2018.
Updated 20 February 2019.
Updated 7 March 2019.
Updated 8 March 2019. 
Updated 24 April 2019.
Updated 26 April 2019.
Updated 23 November 2019.
Updated 29 November 2019.

Exact dates TBT. Optimization and trailer creation
will happen parallel with entire production timeline.

Estimated time for entire game is 3.3 years (If I build all by myself without funding).


1. Render plane shots, build montage and get new freelance work portfolio online. 
(Completed 29 September 2018).
2. File state taxes for Clikfoot. (completed 3 January 2018).
3. Set up look for work and building client list routine. (completed 1 February 2018).
4. Get gear in order for 100% mobile working. (completed 28 January 2018).

5. Write story outline all levels. 
6. Write characters, research.
7. Write scenes and dialogue and research.
8. Write entire story in great "final" detail.
9. Polish and lock story.
                                (completed 15 May 2018).  

10. Fixing format issues.                                (completed 18 May 2018).
11. Trimming cinematics and sharpen script, add humor and special moments. (completed 13 June 2018).    
12. Complete final production design on all characters. (in progress).    (ETA: 31 April 2020)

13. Final everything else concept design.                                            (ETA: Roughly one third of 2020)

14. Do Kickstarter round 2 showing mainly concept designs.

15. Listing / breakdown of all animations for characters I need to perform.

16. Video shoot with myself doing all the animations needed for characters.

17. Building characters in Blender, texture, rig, animate, etc.                (ETA: Want to be done around the

                                                                                                              end of 2020 with 3D modeling)

18. Create Unreal 4 project file. Import characters into Unreal 4 with test level.

19. Sound effects and voices needed for characters, record.   

20. Do Kickstarter round 3. With all the characters, showing them in detail, animated, etc.

      Everything shown in the test level.

21. Build full locomotive system for main character, climbing, swimming, etc. Build everything

      on the test level.

22. Create the opening cinematic with sound effects, VO and music. Introduce the main theme.

23. Building of level 1 complete in final detail, optimized and record gameplay videos of it.

24. Create Teaser 3, using opening cinematic and level one gameplay.

25. Do Kickstarter round 4 with teaser 3, opening cinematic and gameplay of level 1 to show.

      This will be the final Kickstarter attempt.  

26. Build all the other levels and cinematics needed. Build them in sequence starting from the

      beginning and build each one complete before moving onto the next one. This phase is

      essentially building the game. Optimize as I go and create LODies as I go. Finalize the musical

      score and sound effects.  

27. Polish game up, add hud and everything else it needs for publishing. Finalize it.

28. Publish game.                                                                                                     [ETA end of 2021]

                                                                                                                              So 1 year to build

                                                                                                                              everything in UE4.

Complete list of characters to be designed and versions of each one:

1. Captain Issues. (Roy Stratik) (Pilot and captain).

    1.1. In boxers, various poses. (completed 17 August 2018).

    1.2. In boxers, wet and dirty. (completed 2 December 2018).

    1.3. With vest and boxers, various poses. (Completed 5 December 2018).

    1.4. With vest and boxers, wet and dirty. (Completed 6 December 2018).

    1.5. With pants, socks, shirt, watch, side arm, dog tag various poses. (Completed 17 January 2019).

    1.6. With pants, socks, shirt, watch, side arm, dog tag wet and dirty various poses. (Completed 23 January 2019).

    1.7. With shoes, jacket and gloves various poses. (Completed 7 March 2019).

    1.8. With shoes, jacket and gloves wet and dirty various poses. (Completed 8 March 2019).

[ 7 days ]

2. Iritiree.

    2.1. In the same clothing standing inside plane, sitting, etc., various angles and poses.

            Hair and clothing little different in subtle ways. (Completed 24 April 2019).

    2.2. Her locket. (Completed 3 May 2019).

[ 5 days ]

3. Specs or Spec. (Patrick Wealan) (Copilot).

    3.1. With jacket on, binoculars, clipboard, in his copilot seat in the

            front of the plane.

   3.2. With goggles on and flying glass in cockpit.

[ 3 days ]

4. Crackles. (John Simonds) (Radio operator).

  4.1. At his station and working the radio, headphones on.

  4.2. Standing in the cockpit doorway talking to Specs.

[ 3 days ]

5. Nav. (Jim Sneider) (Navigator).

  5.1. Him sitting at his station and working.

[ 3 days ]

6. Sling. (John Seels) (Waist Gunner Port side (left looking forward)).

  6.1. Sling at his station looking out over ocean with binoculars. 

[ 3 days ]

7. Goggles.  (Bob Jenson) (Waist Gunner Starboard side (right looking forward)).

  7.1. Goggles at his station looking out over ocean with binoculars.

[ 3 days ]

8. Strings. (Larry Edington) (Flight engineer).  

  8.1. Strings sitting at his station working the controls and monitoring

          the engines.

[ 3 days ]

9. Levers. (Dane Waterson) (bombardier (in the nose of the aircraft)).

  9.1. Levers at his station writing his diary and looking out over the


[ 3 days ]

10. Jumpthief.

  10.1. The skeleton of the Jumpthief with hand stuck inside rock

            and the letter.

[ .5 day ]

11. Piano Man.

  11.1. Piano Man in his clothing and head gear standing beside

            the Pathguide’s piano.

  11.2. The Piano Man waving his fist at the Bat Bird.

[ 2 day ]

12. The Bat Bird sitting on top of the piano.

[ .5 day ]

13. The Pathguide.

  13.1. The Pathguide sitting behind the piano as a ball of piano wire.

  13.2. The Pathguide transforming back to her true form from

            the piano wire state.

  13.3. The Pathguide standing beside the piano in her true form.

  13.4. The Pathguide reaching out from inside a rock and saving

            someone from falling over the edge of the mountain. 36

  13.5. The Pathguide entering the mountain through opening.

[ 3 days ]

14. Crank Little.

  14.1. Crank Little standing beside her cable car.

  14.2. Crank Little sleeping on the floor of her cable car.

[ 2 days ]

15. Wire robots.

  15.1. Wire robots in various poses and angles.

[ 1 day ]

16. Wire Man.

  16.1. Wire Man sitting at his drum table behind the out building and

            working on his wire creations wearing his thick glasses.

  16.2. Wire Man waving his babies into an empty drum and talking

            to them with his remote device in his hand.

  16.3.  The remote device.

[ 3 days ]

17. Stone Hunters.

  17.1. Various poses. Ones jumping off shooting their Fire Shooters

            at Roy.

  17.2. The one that pilots the platform.

  17.3. Various angles on their weapons and gear. 

[ 6 days ]

18. Jack Banger.

  18.1. Jack sitting on top of the water wheel and hammering away.

  18.2. Jack sitting at dinner table top of the Mill Station.

  18.3. Jack’s hammers, one stuck in drum after he threw it at Roy and

            and his gear, various angles.

[ 3 days ]

19. List Maker.

  19.1. List Maker writing his list inside his “office” with some of his

            accessories and interior decoration showing.

  19.2. The drawing of where the key is hanging.

  19.3. The List Maker on a wall talking to Roy.

  19.4. The List Maker sitting close to the door next to a flat little

            coffin and candles lit around it.

[ 2 days ]

20. The Baker's rolling pins. (several).

  20.1. The rolling pins on the racks with faces looking at Roy.

  20.2. Close angle on a rolling pin.

[ .5 day ]

21.  The Baker.

  21.1. The Baker in his bakery baking bread with some of his tools

             and bakery’s interior layout visible.

  21.2. Close angle on the white cup on his horn.  56.5

  21.3. The Baker putting fresh bread on the table with candles lit.

  21.4. The Baker holding very old piece of paper close to a lit

            candle trying to read what is written on it, the one the Stone

            Hunters wrote.

  21.5. The Baker serving his guests at the dinner table on top of the

            Mill Station.

  21.6. Close angle on Stone Hunter note paper.

[ 3 days ]

22. Clicket.

  22.1. Clicket standing in front of narrow window with bookshelves

            filled with rusty mechanical parts. He is turning slowly

            while looking at Roy behind him.

  22.2. Clicket leaning over table middle of room pointing at blueprint

            and with elevator motor lying on top of table and with lots

            of parts lying around.

  22.3. The few tools Clicket hands Roy to go install motor.

[ 3 days ]

23. The Skinner.

  23.1. The Skinner lying dead at his wooden desk with letter and his

            hands with 6 fingers.

  23.2. Close angle on one hand with letter and other hands with knife

            and dry blood.

  23.3. Close angle on bag with glowing flying stones leaking from it.

  23.4. Close angle on his broken off hand fitting door with 6 finger key

            on it.

[ 1 day ]

24. The Stitcher.

  24.1. The Stitcher sitting dead on the floor with his room interior

             and skins hanging all around him and door behind him and

             dead elevator next to him and pile of dirt under him.

  24.2. Stitched together skins around him.

  24.3. Book lying next to him.

[ 1 day ] 

25. The Boat Boy (Johnny).

  25.1. The Boat Boy standing on the jetty next to the torch and his small boat.

  25.2. The Boat Boy rowing in his boat.

  25.3. Johnny inside burning car trying to get out rear window and holding toy

            pirate ship.

  25.4. Johnny in the tunnels holding action figures.

[ 3 days ]

26. Smoke Face.

  26.1. Smoke Face in his water pipe looking at Roy.

  26.2. Smoke Face in his water pipe fading away.

[ .5 day ]

27. Fish Guide.

  27.1. The little glowing fish in his bottle toed to waist of skeleton.

  27.2. The little fish finds the bottle of fish oil.                                                  

[ .5 day ]

28. Chicken Pirates (alien pirates with chicken feet).

  28.1. Chicken Pirate boarding sail ship and throwing spikes on its deck.

  28.2. Chicken pirates seeing a bed for the first time and touching it.

  28.3. Remains of a Chicken Pirate sitting in his comfy chair in dining room

            with water pipe next to him.

[ 3 days ]

29. Talking Monkeys (16).

  29.1. Each monkey skull on its pole ¾ side view. Each one

            with its own characteristics.

[ 1 day ]

30. Spit.

  30.1. Spit spitting on the ground with his one arm and holding

            his knife.

  30.2. Close angle on knife.

  30.3. Spit’s head exploding into dust as skull hits him.

  30.4. The Collectors’ 3 ships and other Collectors getting

            out of them.

  30.5. Collector with crude remote device standing between tomb buildings.

[ 3 days ]

31. Worm of the dead.

  31.1. The worm coming out of its “engine home”.

  31.2. Petals placing wine glass in front of the worm.

[ 2 days ]

32. Dead Bird.

  32.1. Dead Bird sitting on his nest guarding his eggs.

  32.2. Dead Bird attacking Roy and dragging him across the

            deck of the Tomb ship.

[ 1 day ]

33. Bone Grinder.

  33.1. Bone Grinder sitting and grinding the big skull of the Tomb ship’s

            Front end.

  33.2. The rusty old vacuum cleaner and other gear of the Bone grinder.

  33.3. The small bicycle wheel lying next to the Bone Grinder and a bag

            of bone dust next to the vacuum cleaner.

[ 3 days ]

34. Door Monkey.

  34.1. The Door Monkey eating the egg.

  34.2. The Door Monkey sleeping and snoring away.

[ 1 day ]

35. Tim.

  35.1. Tim the boy standing at the mouth of the concrete pipe looking in

            and looking very concerned.

[ 2 days ]

36. Petals.

  36.1. Petals at her dimly lit work bench and blood drenched tishoe paper

            wrapped around her one hand.

  36.2. Petals attacking Collectors throwing skulls at them.

  36.3. Petals with baseball bat hitting Worm of the Dead holding wine 


  36.4. Roy standing beside Petals and fixing up her hand.

[ 3 days ]

37. Sup.

  37.1. Sup in his kitchen preparing food.

  37.2. Sup serving food to Roy and Iritiree outside on the porch.

[ 3 days ]

38. Thin guy.

  38.1. Thin guy sleeping at table in wine cellar with empty bottle beside him.

[ 1 day ]

39. Fat guy.

  39.1. Fat guy at the top of the wine cellar yelling down holding tube.

  39.2. Fat guy crashing through wooden floor.

[ 1 day ]

40. The Paper Whisperer.

  40.1. The Paper Whisperer folding and whispering to her little paper planes.

  40.2. The Paper Whisperer serving Roy coffee in her room. We see the

            big hole in the floor and ceiling.

  40.3. Close angle on the golden key she gives to Roy. In her other hand she

            holds the small tool she needs to fix her clock with.

  40.3. Close angle on the clock on her wall.

[ 4 days ]

41.1. Coils.

  41.1.  Coils sitting in front of his table with radio contraption with his workspace

             showing around him.

  41.2. Coils standing and pointing at the picture of his family.

  41.3. Close angle on the family picture in his hand.

  41.4. Coils showing screwdriver to Roy and standing next to his big antenna.

[ 3 days ]

42. The guards.

  42.1. Guards in different poses, some who fell asleep with paper plane

            Lying next them, inside the Mill Station guarding the Boss.

  42.2. The two guards who wacked the paper plane away and is trying to open

            The chest, with saltwater spilling out of it.

  42.3. The guards in the old factory standing around the submarine.

  42.4. The guards drowning inside the submarine.

  42.5. Shootout between Roy and guards.

  42.6. The two guards up at the Boss’s room, before and after they turn to

            stone after they enter the Boss’s room. One of them still holding the

            golden key.

[ 4 days ]

43. Handles.

  43.1. Handles chained up against the wall, weeing Roy sneaking up on her.

            The metal catwalk and the valve controller wheel for the water pump.

  43.2. Handles crawls in behind a piece of rotten wood and climbs into the

            escape tunnel she had been secretly working on.

[ 3 days ]

44. The three Mountain Kings. 

  44.1. The three Mountain Kings emerging from the back of the waterfall and

            them transitioning back again.

  44.2. The three Mountain Kings talking to Roy.

[ 2 days ]

45. Scootch.

  45.1. Scootch pushing his wheel burrow up the stairs of the Nimlen tomb and

            his dead dog with him in the wheel burrow.

  45.2. Scootch stabbing Roy in his shoulder with syringe.

[ 3 days ]

46. Blue Bird.

  46.1. The Blue Bird sitting in its cage and flying out of its cage.

  46.2. The Blue Bird sitting on its master’s head.

[ .5 days ]

47. Version 12.

  47.1. Version dead at his desk with his lab visible around him and his note on

            the table.

  47.2. Close angle on his note.

[ 1 day ]

48. Headless rebel Nimlen.                       

  48.1. The mummified body part of the headless Nimlen in its coffin.

  48.2. The floating head of the Nimlen staring at the Lightflow.

[ 1 day ]

49. Nimlen Guards.

  49.1. Nimlen Guards storming at Roy.

  49.2. Close angle on their clubs with faces.

[ 3 days ]

50. Uh.

  50.1. Uh sitting on a ledge with his bicycle and trying to fix his radio cassette


  50.2. Uh strapping his belongings onto his bicycle getting ready to leave.

  50.3. Uh gunning down the canal on his bicycle getting away from the water.

[ 3 days ]

51. The Fisher Girl.

  51.1. The Fisher Girl sitting on the rooftop with lamp, black raincoat and

             fishing rod.

  51.2. The Fisher Girl standing up with her iron leg showing from under the


  51.3. The Fisher Girl kicking ass with her iron leg.

  51.4. The Fisher Girl rowing away with her lamp in a small boat over the


  51.5. The Fisher Girl standing next to her father at Roy’s funeral.

[ 4 days ]

52. Lifters.

  52.1. Two Lifters in the cockpit of their submarine.

  52.2. The Lifters overseeing the loading of the crane on top of the loading

            building. Various angles of them standing around.

  52.3. Shootout on the stairs between Lifters and Stone Hunters.

  52.4. Close angles on the various weapons of the Lifters in the storage room.

[ 4 days ]

53. Drippers.

  53.1. The three aDrippers sitting around board game ready to leave on their


  53.2. Close angle on their board game.

  53.3. Close angle on their welding equipment and raft with drum.

  53.4. Other Drippers working inside the ironworks and helping with loading

            of crane.

[ 3 days ]

54. Candle Heads.

  54.1. Candle Head 1 sitting on stool and guarding staircase to temple.

  54.2. Candle Head sitting on stool beside road.

  54.3. Candle Head guarding market.

  54.4. Candle Heads charging after Roy in the Lost City.

[ 2 days ]

55. Flic.

  55.1. Flic inside the temple when Roy first meets him standing next to his

            cleaning cart with all the accessories.

  55.2. Flic at his old wooden work table with film reels and typewriter.

            Lots of Whisky bottles lying around.

            Flic with old glasses on and writing in his journal.

  55.3. Flic sitting with huge headphones on listening to his radio and helicopter

            crashing through the ceiling behind him.

[ 4 days ]

56. Pittoosh

  56.1. Pittoosh at her stand. Several angles and one with her standing

            in front of the stand so we see her full body and holding the opened

            film can with paper roll inside.

[ 1 day ]

57. Lucknot.

  57.1. Lucknot standing with Roy at window, on top of a table, and pointing at Stretch’s building.

            Various angles. His nose that was bitten off clearly visible.

[ 1 day ]

58. Pencilgun.

  58.1. Pencilgun standing in the streets and selling newspapers, various poses, standing

            in doorway of building and waving Roy in.

  58.2. Close angle on one of the newspapers Pencilgun is selling.

[ 2 days ]

59. Pink.

  59.1. Several poses and angles on Pink standing close to Jeremy and the birthday cake.

[ 1 day ]

60. The cheering girls.

  60.1. The cheering girls cheering.

[ 2 days ]

61. Jeremy.

  61.1. Different poses and expressions of Jeremy sitting in front of the small birthday cake.

[ 2 days ]

62. The Clutter Room Gang.

  62.1. Various gang members in different poses and from different angles. 

  62.2. Close angles on their weapons, clothing and gear.

[ 4 days ]

63. Stretch.

  63.1. Stretch stuck in his window frame with noose around his neck screaming at Roy.

  63.2. Stretch on his rooftop with rifle shooting at helicopter.

  63.3. Stretch in the Wanted poster in the market place.

[ 3 days ]

64. Teddy pilots.

  64.1. Two Teddy pilots in the cockpit of the helicopter fighting with each other.

[ 1 day ]

65. Dirt Balls.

  65.1. Various sizes, babies, mom building nest, Dirt Ball chewing through a piece of metal.

            Dirt Ball picking up metal scraps and taking it back to its nest.

[ 1 day ]

66. The Pathmaker.

  66.1. Various angles.

[ 3 days ]

67. Corpse 1.

  67.1. Close angle of corpse of one legged man and close angle on his letter.

[ 1 day ]

68. Woman and child corpses.

  68.1. Close angle on mother and child corpses and journal in which she was writing right before

           she died. The letter tells Roy how the Dirt Balls can show him the way out of the tunnels.

[ 2 days ]

69. Rippers.

  69.1. Rippers ripping the Catalina plane apart. Close angles on their tools. Different positions.

[ 2 days ]                     


Total days: 163   =  5.25 months. 

(This list have been modified as to not give away the story and outcome of the game's story)