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Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
Production on prototype game project started on 28 August 2015.
Production on final game project started on 21 December 2017.

Version 26 December 2017

Exact dates TBT. Optimization and trailer creation
will happen parallel with entire production timeline.

Estimated time for entire game is 3.3 years (If I build all by myself without funding).


1. Render plane shots, build montage and get new freelance work portfolio online. ( IN PROGRESS AT THE MOMENT ...)
2. File state taxes for Clikfoot. (completed 3 January 2018).
3. Set up look for work and building client list routine. (completed 1 February 2018).
4. Get gear in order for 100% mobile working. (completed 28 January 2018).

5. Write story outline all levels. ( IN PROGRESS AT THE MOMENT ...)
6. Write characters, research.
7. Write scenes and dialogue and research.
8. Write entire story in great "final" detail.
9. Polish and lock story.

10. Final production design for characters and everything else in all levels.
11. Sell epub on website with production art.

12. Casting for all characters on all levels.
13. Video shoot of animation references and photography for 3D modeling
    references on all characters.

14. 3D modeling of all characters, clothing, accessories, versions etc.
    Also high and low poly versions.
15. Rigging of all characters and extras.
16. Texturing and materials of all characters and extras.
17. Animations for all characters and extras.
18. Export of characters, extras and their animations and import into U4.

19. Build test level.
20. Build Roy character, basic locomotion system, climbing, swimming,
    flying, combat, swinging, sliding, roll, ragdoll, etc.
    (on the test level).

21. Create opening cinematic with audio and music.
22. Publish opening cinematic on You Tube.

23. Build each level starting with basics.
24. Build character interaction scenes and alternatives.
25. Get entire story line to work with all scenes and objectives.
26. Build hud, menus and graphics.

27. Test and revise game play all the way through with basic built levels.
28. Make changes and test again.

29. Build each level into final form.
30. Final versions of all cinematics.
31. Voice overs for all scenes.
32. Sound effects.
33. Music score.

34. Finish game.
35. Package and publish game.