The story
Roy Stratik leads a team onboard a Catalina sea rescue mission
in the Bermuda Triangle. Lightning hits their plane and they seem
to fall into a strange and bizarre world themselves.

Roy regains consciousness and finds himself alone. His crew
is missing. He goes on a long and dangerous search to find them.
Along the way he encounters many different characters who somehow
know him by his first name. A head injury sustained during the
plane's crash lets him wonder if these people really know him
or can he simply not remember them ...

Roy helps all these characters resolve their problems and
helps each and every one of them in various different ways.
They all wish him good luck on his mission to find his
missing crewmen and give him clues as to how to find them.

Will Roy find his crew and what will he learn about this strange world?
Will they be able to find their way back to earth?

                                                                        - Author: Etienne Andlau