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If you would rather pay with a check
If you would rather pay with a check you can mail a company or personal check to:
Etienne Andlau
1225 E. Sunset Drive, Suite 145
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Please make the check out to: Etienne Andlau. Dont forget to write the name of the product you are buying and your email address on the back of the check or on a note included with the check so I can email you the download link.

You can even pay with cash
If you are really concerned about privacy or security issues you can just send me cash in an envelope if you like. $3 or $7 is not a whole lot of many to lose in the mail if you think about it. However I accept no responsibility for cash lost in the mail. If I get it I get it If I dont I dont. Please mail it to the same address listed above as if you were paying with a check.
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48 hours after download was completed. Please contact World of Clouds for more details here.
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