1. What is the World of Clouds and when did it begin?

The World of Clouds (also known as the lost world of the great blue triangle) is a fictitious / imaginary world that exists behind the Bermuda Triangle and is made up of floating land masses in orbit around an anomaly visible as a two dimensional blue triangle. The World of Clouds was first brought to life in a series of notes and sketches in colored pencil and markers in 1982 by Etienne Andlau and featured a series of red triangles which were projected from the front of star ships and used as stargates. In 1985 the idea evolved into a whole different world in another dimension with a shining blue triangle in its centre. Then the idea of incorporating the Bermuda Triangle slowly evolved until the floating land masses were added and in 2007 these floating islands became creations of the triangle itself. In 2009 the idea of 3 original triangles and the great war between them with the last surviving blue triangle took shape.