You are the glass eye of a very forgetful explorer. Deep inside an ancient ruin, somewhere in the World of Clouds, you were removed and left behind all alone. Now you must find your way out by yourself. The game currently runs on Android and Windows only and was built in the Unreal 4.22.2 engine with all 3D modeling and texturing in the beta version of Blender 2.80. Price is: $3 (USD).

Free copy
For Windows 64 bit :
(Zip file download about 664 MB in size and the extracted game folder is about 785 MB in size)
For Windows 32 bit :
(Zip file download is about 642 MB in size and the extracted game file is about 757 MB in size)
For Android :
(Zip file download is about 350 MB in size and the extracted game file is about 354 MB in size)


The game is downloaded as one single zip file. After extracting the zip file save the file anywhere on your Windows computer. There is no installation of the game needed it doesn't scatter files all over your machine. Its all in one folder. No uninstall is required either if you want to remove the game from your computer. Simply delete the folder. Make sure you have a video card with its own memory and at least a decent gaming laptop or desktop. Thank you.

All the promotional still pictures featured below can be downloaded here: