Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
Went off the grid

Went off the grid and built myself a small base deep in the woods with generator and using my phone as hotspot. Worked out well with a bit of struggle. Takes an effort to build even a simple thing like a box out in the woods. Its pretty quiet now I think the plan is working well so far. I built the box from fiber board because its the best way to absorb sound waves and its cheap. Even with using cheap crap like fiber board it still cost me $56 total just for the wood. Foam interestingly enough is only good for absorbing higher frequency sound waves. Fiber board or plywood best. I didn't get plywood because its heavy as fuck to carry and also more expensive. But yeah now I have a nicely ventilated wooden box for my generator with at least one foot of breathing space all around it inside and a fan built in too.

I am hoping to finish up with WindQuest by end of the year then back on Escape from Mill Stationn.

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