Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
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The piece I wrote standing in line at foodbank today ...

Roy decides to look around the mountain side of the tomb. Maybe there is another door or opening there. He thought he saw
something coming over the rope bridge.
Just around the corner Roy sees the opening of what looks like the mouth of a concrete stormwater tunnel. Interesting Roy
thinks to himself. He goes and stands in the opening to see where it leads ...
< Cinematic. Roy the boy is standing in the opening of the concrete stormwater tunnel looking inside. Then two other boy's
  faces appear on the sides and look into the pipe too. Its Roy's two best friends. One of them is Johnny. Johnny asks:
  "Roy you sure we should go in there?" Roy takes a step inside: "I am the leader am I not? We should go in. Lets see how
  far it goes". The other boy Tim asks: "What if water suddenly comes down the pipe?" Roy takes another step into the pipe:
  "Well its not raining today is it? Why would water suddenly come through it?"
  Roy crouches and crouchwalks into the pipe. The other two boys just look at each other but then they too follow Roy into
  the pipe. Roy looks ahead: "There is light coming from upfront there. I think its coming through a manhole".
  Tim: "I have the candles and the matches. We have light if we need it." The boys continues on and into the section with a
  manhole at the top. Light is dimly streaking through it. There is a rusted iron ladder mounted on the sidewall made up of
  old red bricks. The boys continue on. Johnny: "Its so dark further in. We can just hang out here". Roy: "No it goes further.
  We have to see how far it goes. Lets go. Before they climb into the next section of the pipe there is a loud noise and dust
  falls on them through the manhole. There is also a dark shadow that passed overhead. Tim: "What the hell was that noise?".
  Roy signals with his hand for everyone to stay calm: "That was just a car. Nothing to worry about. it drove over the manhole
  cover". Johnny: "Gees. That was really loud!"
  The boys continue further and deeper into the concrete pipe ...
  They arrive at a section where there is a steep upward turn in the pipe's design and it splits up into two smaller pipes.
  Roy settles in. He takes action figures out of his backpack: "We can set up base 1 here. Lets mount those candles and light
  light them ..." Tim pulls out the candles and matches and hands it over Johnny to Roy. Roy places the candles in different
  spots in the joint section. Some on the walls. Then he lights them.
  The boys continue to build their base 1 and play a game with their action figures. Then they decide its time to go. They
  decide to leave the action figures behind and let the candles burn.
  Then the boys continue back through the concrete pipe all the way to the mouth where they entered.
  Tim stays in the mouth as the other two boys walk away. He looks back it the soft flickering light of the candles deep
  back inside the pipe: "Wonder how long those candles will burn." Roy: "Dont know. We will come back later and see if they
  are still burning". Tim: "When do you think we will be back here again?" Roy: "No idea. We will have to see ..."
  Tim leaves the mouth of the pipe and follows the other two boys up the hill ...
  ... Roy as a man is standing in the mouth of the concrete pipe. He looks down and at its bottom there is a long streak
  of candle wax that leads deep into the pipe. Roy: "Guess that wax might lead to Angry Water or something ..." Roy
  crouchwalks into the pipe hoping to find Angry Water to dip his arrows in in there somewhere ... >

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