Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
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The List Maker is a small snail like creature ...

> Cinematic 3. The List Maker is sitting near the door and is glad to see Roy in one piece and with the key:  

   "Now you can get through that trap door and go talk to that Baker up there. He is not very friendly, and  

   his Rolling Pins complain at him all the time. but he might talk to you. He probably knows where your  

   friends are". Then Roy leans in closer and notices that the List Maker is sitting next to a tiny and very flat  

   coffin. There are several tiny candles lit all around it. Roy: “Who was that?” List Maker: “Oh that was my

   beloved wife. Someone stepped on her. It was a horrible accident.” Roy: “I am very sorry to hear that.”  

   List Maker: “Thank you sir. You better be going. You need to find your friends before the Stone Hunters  

   do something terrible to them. I will remember you.” Roy walks away towards the wooden staircase …  


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