Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
Snow and more snow ...

2nd Kickstarter for game project ended.
Funding goal not reached.
Looks like I will just have to build the game myself and that is fine.
Starbucks closes at 7 pm tonight cutting my work time short today.
I bought a new tent to isolate myself from the outdoors.
I had to many flying and crawling things sneaking into my main structure.
Its a little small so I have to sleep diagonally in it but that is fine.
Better that then being exposed to everything that flies and crawls in the middle of a forest.
Otherwise just more snow coming in that is about all new news.
I am stuck on a logo design again another design job with little pay and no end in sight.
Always getting the worst jobs ever but that is fine.
I will finish my game project regardless of all the shit thrown at me.
Almost done with my main character concept design and hoping to bundle that and sell that on my website. 

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