Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
You Tube channel for all EfMS videos:
Script revisions ...

Decided to continue working on script revisions until end of next week.
The Catalina preservation society emailed me back after I asked them if they know where I can get any original radio chatter between ground control and Catalina crews during post WW2 sea rescue operations and told me that they themselves are looking for it and seemed to be unable to find any  :-)
So I told them that I will let them know if I happen to find any.
Other than that ATT switched my SIM card off in my phone because I am not paying my phone bill while I am in development, just to save as much money as possible. 
So now my phone had this little red light blinking on me day in and day out.
So I fixed that problem by not tossing the SIM card but just flip it upside down and re-inserting it into the phone.
I will use it again at some point but phones are just too damn expensive these days.
I just use it as a media player, camera and email checker at the moment.

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