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Trigger volumes will determine how the character walks, crouch walks,  crawls and will help choose

what the character does if you LMB. In that way you can use same keys like WSAF and LMB for various

different actions.

Character will always reach for something in front of him. So, if you have a choice of items to his

sides and in front of him you need to turn the character first. If its lower or higher than character

it will reach up of bend over to pick up.








L                                                      Toggle to hide or show legend for keys.




W                                                     Walk. Characters leans in depending on mouse vector.

W + Shift                                         Run

W + Alt / Alt                                   Sprint

                                                         Strafe left or right is mouse vector dependent and automatically

                                                        kicks in. It also depends on situation or terrain.

S                                                      Walk backwards a few steps then turns and walks in that direction. 

S + Shift                                          Run backwards a few steps then turns and runs in that direction.


A                                                      Turn and walk to the left facing the direction you walk.

                                                          Strafe left a few steps if gun in hand and loosely aiming.

                                                          Strafe left only if tight aiming.  

A + Shift                                           Same but just faster.

D                                                       Turn and walk to the right facing the direction you walk.

                                                          Strafe right a few steps  if gun in hand or loosely aiming.

                                                          Strafe right only if tight aiming.

D + Shift                                           Same but just faster.

V                                                        Lie down.

C                                                        Crouch.

Z                                                        Sit down on the ground or anything near character he can sit on.

Space bar                                        Jump.


If character backs up against lower wall and you continue to press S the character will sit on the wall. If you face the lower wall and walk into it and continue to press W he will climb onto it and stand on top of it. If you run or sprint into it character will jump over lower wall.




W, S, A, D                                       Climb / Hop or climb over / step over / jump up very low object.

                                                         (Just keep pressing and hold down key and character will decide what do  


                                                          Either climb up, or down, stop climbing, etc. Also, to sit in a chair you

                                                          just walk into it, hold down key like W and character will "decide" to sit.

                                                         To get back up you just reverse. Like the S key.)

                                                         If you walk slowly up to ladder going down or cliff’s edge character will

                                                         turn around and know that he needs to climb down.

                                                         If you just run off edge character will fall or he will fall if there is no way

                                                         To climb down.

                                                          If you run up to a cliff edge or edge high off the ground and stop right 

                                                          on it, the character 

                                                          will lean over it for a second and lose its balance and correct itself.

                                                         If you start sitting on a chair and in front of a table with a note or book 

                                                          on it and hit the up arrow character will finish sitting and pick up the 

                                                         note or book and read it.




F1                                                   If revolver is in holster, character takes it out and

                                                       aims from the hip.

RMB                                               Tight aim. RMB again for hip aim.

                                                       F1 again and character puts the revolver back into holster.

F2                                                   2nd weapon he has slung hold and aim.

                                                       F2 again and character slings 2nd weapon.

F2                                                   (When revolver is held or tight aimed) Character swaps out revolver with

                                                         2nd weapon.

F3, 4 ...                                           Other weapons.

LMB                                                To fire any weapon or stab with knife.

                                                         If character is holding a rock, bottle, book or any other object  in his one

                                                         hand he will throw that object.




F                    Character goes into physical fighting mode. (He will punch and kick only

                     even with weapon in hand).

RMB             Kick (Will kick with whatever leg is right for the moment).

LMB             Punch / hit hard (always with right arm and fist).

                    Punch kinda blends in with hard push depending on situation.

                    You can punch out a window too or break through barrier.

MMB           Block.

F                  Character comes out of physical fighting mode.

                    (Weapons reload automatically when empty.)




1                             If nothing in hands, hands move up to anything worn on head.

RMB                       Whatever is on head character takes off.

MMB                      Character takes off backpack and opens it. He is ready to either

                                drop item in bag or take item out.

Down arrow          Character drops item in hand into backpack.

Up arrow                Character takes next item out of backpack. And so, you "cycle" through

                                the contents of backpack.

1                             If a hat is held in hand. Character moves hands up to head as if want to

                                take off what is on head. (If another number key is pressed the character

                                cancels his plan and move his hands to another part of the body).

RMB                       If another hat is held in hand, character swaps out hats. He continues to hold

                                whatever he took off in his hand.

Down arrow           Character puts whatever he has in hand down. Either on a table or surface nearby

                                 or just on the ground in front of him. If he is under the water, he just lets

                                 it go.

Up arrow                 Character picks up whatever he is close too and facing. If he picks up a note

                                  or book he will hold it in a reading position, so camera can see the pages.

L/R arrows                Character turn pages / roll schematic either to the left or right.

H                               Swap items if items in both hands. (Right hand will put something away or

                                  down). If only 1 item in left hand left hand will do all the work of putting

                                   away, down or wear.


2               Torso.


3               Pants.


4               Right hand.


5               Left hand.


6               Feet.




P                   Character goes into pushing or pulling mode.

RMB             If character is near object that he can push. Like a board, cart, statue

                      Or any object that can be pushed. He will get into position and be ready

                      to start pushing. (Grabs onto it / get a grip on it).

                     The same if character can pull something. Like a cart, dolly, something with

                      rope attached.

W                  You just press W to push object forward.

S                    You would walk backwards if you are pulling something.

RMB             To release object being pulled or pulled.

                     If you walk backwards and forwards character will swap between pushing and

                     pulling. (It will know where to place hands).

P                   Character comes out of pushing and pulling mode.




If character is diving under the water the viewer slowly just becomes blurrier (as he is losing consciousness) and eventually just turns black as he dies, if he doesn’t get air in time.

You can also hear the distress in his voice.

There will be more air bubbles escaping in front of the viewer.

The blurriness creeps in from the side so the player can still see the center.

When blurriness reaches center of viewer that is when everything turns to black and character dies.


HURT OR WOUNDED (medical needs):


If your character is wounded his animations will reflect that. So, if he jumped off a too high object and hurt his ankle he would limp when he walks or runs.

Then he would run slower and maybe fall at random intervals.

Character gets up himself after a fall.

If he got shot in the shoulder he would hold his shoulder with his one hand or lean in on that side.

His body movements will reflect what the type of hurt is. He will also bleed (mesh swap) if he got hit or scraped with something).


M                   That will tell the character to heal himself. So, he will stop, sit down and take out a med kit 

                       from his backpack and address his wounds. You can’t control how it will fix his wounds the 

                       character “knows what to do”.

M                   Again to either interrupt procedure and get back up.

                       If he is putting a bandage on he will finish that part before he responds.

                       If you just wait until character finished with healing, then he will put everything away in his

                       backpack and return to state he was in before you hit M.

                       So, if he had his revolver out when you hit M he will pull it out of its holster again and hold

                       It in his hand after he is done.

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