Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
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Opening cinematic a new version ...

> Cinematic 1. Sounds of radio talk between base and planes searching the sea for a lost plane fade in 

   from black ...


   Flying through dark clouds. There is a reflection of the sun on the ocean below, but it drops in and out

   as the clouds move in front of it. Its roughly in the shape of a large triangle. Shimmer of lightning flashes. 

   Then a bright flash and a Catalina PBY plane suddenly appears between the clouds. Almost like a ghost

   plane that just appeared out of nowhere …


   In the cockpit Specs, the copilot, hands a large binoculars to Roy Stratik, the captain an pilot of the plane. 

   Roy looks through it for a second, panning over the ocean below, then hands it back to Specs. Specs 

   adjusts the glasses on his face: “We will soon end up down there with that missing plane if we don’t turn 


   Roy keeps his gaze at the clouds ahead and over the ocean: “We came a long way out here today. We’ve 

   flown through a little bad weather before. Nothing the Cat can’t handle.” Specs looks at the clouds 

   ahead: “Yeah but that storm looks pretty nasty …” He looks at Roy with a wink in his eyes: “It is the 

   Bermuda Triangle you know …” Roy looks back at him dismissing his last remark.

   Then a hatch opens underneath them, between their feet. Levers, the bombardier, pops out from the  

   hole: “You guys seeing that lighting up ahead? We are not going to fly into that are we?” He looks at 

   Specs, not expecting an answer from Roy. Specs just looks at Roy and then brings the binoculars back up 

   to his face and scans the clouds ahead. He looks really worried.

   Then suddenly Crackles, the radio operator’s face appears in the door opening between Roy and Specs: 

   “Just got word that the other planes turned around. We are now alone out here.” Specs looks at Roy. 

   Levers look at Roy and then lowers himself back down the hole and closes his hatch. Specs looks at  

   Crackles and winks in a way that says “well we are not going to get a response out of Roy”. Crackles pulls  

   his face at Specs and moves back towards his post. He leans over the shoulder of Nav, the navigator: 

   “Where are we?” Nav holds his hand over his microphone in front of his face: “With that storm out there 

   are you kidding me. No idea man. If we just turn back the way we came now, then I can find our position 

   pretty quickly.” Crackles leans in closer to Nav while putting his hand over his own mic. Nav’s hand slips 

   off his mic: “Well with Captain Issues at the wheel you know that is not going to happen.”

   Specs looks up: “We heard that.” He looks at Roy hoping that would have an effect. Roy talks into his 

   mic: “Strings, how are the engines holding up?”, brushing off the comment from Crackles as if he didn’t 

   hear it. Strings, the flight engineer is sitting in the tower and looks out at them through small windows  

   that are being battered with rain: “Getting a nice shower. I am jealous.”

   In the back of the Catalina Sling and Goggles are scanning the ocean each with their own binoculars  

   through the Blisters. The machine guns had been removed and their stations now serve as lookout posts.  

   Rain is slamming their windows too. Sling looks at Goggles: “Can’t see anything through these windows 

   anymore. Might as well turn around.” Goggles lowers his binoculars and looks back at Sling. They don’t  

   look very hopeful that that will happen anytime soon.   

   Roy seems to drift off a little, staring at the rain slamming up against the windshield in front of him. 

   There seems to be the image of a woman in a light dress taking shape in the water flowing over the 

   windshield in front of him. He is not sure ... but it looks almost real ...

   Then a lighting flash shakes the plane. A loud thunder clap. Specs looks straight at Roy: "I can’t

   see anything out there anymore ..."

   Roy talks into his mic. "O.k. let’s turn around. Where are the other search planes? Any of them near us?

   Positions?" Nav responds: "The others turned back already. We should be alright. No one else

   flying out here right now pretty sure ..."

   Sling and Goggles look at each other wondering if this is over now.


   Roy signals to his copilot and they turn the plane around. Lightning strikes near the plane again and

   shakes it violently. "Yeah let’s get out of here", Specs mumbles in Roy's direction. Roy looks at the rain

   water's flow that changes suddenly on the windshield in front of him as the plane makes a slow turn ...

   He lost the image of the woman ...


   Nav is talking into his mic: "My dials are all over the place but I think our heading is right. This storm is 

   seriously screwing with my readings. As soon as we get out of this I should be able to tell exactly what 

   our position is. Keep eyes out there we will be flying a little blind for a few minutes ..."

   He looks at his instruments. Its spinning all over the place. Nav mumbles to himself: “Shit, never seen 

   them this crazy before …” Levers in the front lookout yells back through his mic: "I can’t see shit! We 

   need to get out of here!" Specs looks straight at Roy. Roy is turning the plane around and tries to look 

   confident and in control.


   Then I very bright lighting flash and a loud explosion hits the Catalina! Its starboard engine has been

   struck by lightning. "Shit! Engine hit!", Strings in the tower yells out. Debris from the wing

   and engine hits one of the glass copulas in the back and Goggles stumbles back and loses his balance.

   Crates with supplies in the back of the plane shifts around violently. Levers stick his head out of the 

   portal in the floor of the cockpit and yells: "Fuck!"

   Roy struggles to get the plane under control. Then another loud explosion and a flash of lightning. All 

   the windows in the plane shatters! Glass is flying everywhere in the cockpit. Copilot is putting his goggles 

   on and trying to hand Roy's to him ... but Roy sees a woman standing in the doorway of the cockpit with 

   his naked eyes. He is not sure he is seeing it ... the glow of the light is so intense ... then he hears his 

   copilot yelling at him to protect his eyes. Is it a glow from lighting or a very bright white light? Roy

   puts the goggles on. Glass is swimming around in the cockpit around Roy’s eyes in slo mo. Through the 

   broken window in front of Roy a bright glow begins to grow out from a gap between the clouds ahead. 

   Both Roy and his copilot tries to see what it is they are flying into while they try to block the bright light 

   with their hands ...

   The Catalina plane tumbles into the gap between the clouds and disappears into the bright white light



   Roy is slowly regaining consciousness. In his hand he is holding a family picture with a woman standing

   behind everyone in a doorway. The picture is flapping wildly in the rushing wind and the white light

   blocks everything out around his hand. Just the sound of howling wind. No engine sounds. Roy removes

   his goggles and looks at the picture in his hand. The windshield is broken, and shit is blowing in through

   the windows. No one else is in the cockpit. Just the debris and glass flying around wildly inside the

   cockpit. Roy looks closer at the picture in his hand with the woman standing in the doorway. It’s the

   same woman he thought he saw standing in the doorway of the plane.

   Then he comes to his senses. he tries to see outside but there is just a thick fog outside. Can’t see through

   it. It seems very bright and heavenly though. Is it the next morning already? Did he doze off and missed

   what happened last night? Where is his copilot? Its only him alone in the cockpit. Levers is gone too. The 

   hatch to Levers’ section is open. His window glass in the nose of the plane is broken too and only his 

   journal is lying down there and flapping around in the wind.


   Roy tries to talk to the navigator through his headset but there is no answer. He looks back through the

   open door of the cockpit but sees no one in the back of the plane. The door between the cockpit and 

   the rest of the plane seemed ripped open. As if something monstrous passed through the aircraft.

   He seems to be alone onboard. Outside the gentle rush of air. Both engines are dead and the propellers

   are spinning slowly from the airflow. Surrounding the plane is a thick fog or white cloud. Visibility is

   down to only a few feet beyond the windshield. All the windows of the plane seem to be shattered so

   the air is just blowing through the aircraft picking up whatever it can and playfully pushes it around and

   out the back windows. Roy is trying to get a grip on himself. His head hit something, and he sees blood

   on his hands. He wonders where everyone is. Where that woman is. If she was real or not. Then he sees

   a break in the thick fog ahead. There seems to be a large mountain ahead ... or cliffs ... not sure hard to

   see. A few moments later, the fog has thinned enough, and he sees a very tall vertical mountain cliff  

   in front of him. There seems to be a ledge big enough to land on.

   Roy tightens his seat belt and throws a few switches to expose of any remaining fuel in the wings. He  

   reaches up and turns another lever on the ceiling to correct the balance of the plane. It’s going to be a  

   rough landing. He knows it. Done it before. The Catalina drops its fuel and gets pushed upward slightly  

   by the strong wind moving through the canyon around it. The ledge is growing bigger and bigger and  

   he begins to see a tall building of some kind on the far end where the ledge ends …


   The Catalina's wheels drop out. Roy holds on to the steering wheel as tight as he can. The plane swoops

   down and Roy knows he is going to get only one shot at this. Just as the first wheel touches the rocky

   ground surface of the ledge, the starboard engine, the same one that was struck by lightning, explodes. 

   The plane swings around just enough so the starboard wing hits the vertical cliff. It breaks off and the 

   plane skids across the ground while Roy tries his best to keep it on the ledge. A wheel breaks off as the 

   big plane slides on its belly and comes to a standstill right on the edge of the ledge, with its port side 

   wing extending far out over the ledge. It stops in front of the strange building right at the end of the 

   ledge. Roy sits back in his seat and just stares out at the structure in front of him not sure what to make 

   of it, or where the hell he is … <


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