Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
New games to play ...

Since Balcklight is shutting down I looked around and found two new games.
Warframe and Apex Legends. 
I created two more YouTube channels for WF and AL.
I also changed my screen name in Blacklight from Bloedkop to BloedkopBL.
So I could use the same screen name in AL and WF, I just add the AL and WF at the end of Bloedkop.
Not sure if these gaming channels are a waste of time or not but they good decent attention. 
Then I am now getting back on the final concept design of my characters.
I hope to finish Roy Stratik in about a week.
We got hit with very late snow here in Bellingham and Starbucks had to close early for a few nights. Seem to be getting back to normal now.
I am waiting for uploads on my first Warframe gameplay videos.
I will be working on the Roy Stratik character this whole weekend with some gameplay distracting I think.

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