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Meeting the Paper Whisperer ...

< Cinematic. Roy as a teen looks around the corner of a poor looking bedroom of some kind. It looks like an old hospital room
  that was converted into a bedroom. There is an old bed to the side rather high off the ground. Then there is an elderly woman
  sitting at a small round table in front of a single window with poor looking curtains at its side. The sound of scissors
  cutting paper as she is cutting newspaper articles out and placing them on the table. Next to her there is a single pile of
  newspapers sitting on the ground. The woman becomes aware of Roy standing in the doorway. She puts the scissors down on the
  table slowly. Then turns around. Roy the man is standing in the doorway: "I dont mean to disturb you. I was just wondering
  if you know the way upstairs ..." The woman turns back around slowly. Very sad looking: "They call me The Paper Whisperer. I
  can give you a small map of the place if you like ..." She picks up a small paper map from another pile on her table and folds
  that into a small paper plane. When she is done she holds the paper plane close to her mouth and whispers to it: "Gently now
  with a little haste find the man with dirty nails and show him the way ..." Roy looks in amazement as the little paper plane
  flies out of her hands and comes to drift right in front of him. He takes the plane from the air in his one hand. Then he looks
  at his nails: "My name is Roy. My nails are not that dirty are they?" The woman ignores what he said. She picks up the
  article she just cut out of a newspaper and folds it into a paper plane. Then she stands up and goes to stand in front of the
  open window. She looks through it for a few seconds as if she is searching for something or someone. Then she whispers: "Find
  the winds and fast you go to find my son who crossed the great water to search for his wings ..." The little paper plane flies
  right out of her hands and through the open window. It rises up into the sky until it disappears into the clouds above ...
  Roy looks down at the map in his hands: "Thank you." The Paper Whisperer walks up to the door and then gently closes it: "If
  you will excuse me now I must take my bath. It was nice meeting you and good luck to you." Roy steps back as the old lady shuts
  the door gently in front of him. Then turns around ..." >

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