Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
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Looking at level 10: SUBMARINE ...

I am doing some research online and finding great images of old submarines. Their cross sections illustrated.
The more I look at it the more I realize I will have to draw it out first.
Design the layout.
It will be too hard to write the story that takes place inside it if I cant see the layout in front of me.
Thinking of either a replica of a World War 2 submarine or a submarine that was built by an alien race. Maybe the Lifters themselves. Instruments that is hard to figure out. Machines that doesn't make sense from a human perspective. 
Then the only problem is I cant have Roy read any notes he finds in the submarine because it wont be written in English. 
Or maybe alien writing might be interesting too.
Then the only interesting findings would be actual objects.
Maybe he gets a chance to explore alien technology and living style. That might be interesting too. A whole voyage through the life of a Lifter ...
Will have to think about this one.
Roy wont meet any characters inside the submarine while traveling along in it but maybe he uncovers a really interesting story. Something that happened in this submarine. Something that reveals more about the world he finds himself trapped in.

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