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List of characters for Escape from Mill Station game project




1. Roy Stratik.                                                (Lead).

2. Iritiree.                                                       (Ghost woman).

3. Navigator.

4. Gunner lookout 1.

5. Gunner lookout 2.

6. Co pilot.

7. Levers.

8. Piano Man.

9. Bat Bird.

10. Rock Princess.

11. Crank Little.

12. Wire robot 1.

13. Wire robot 2.

14. Wire robot 3.

15. Wire robot 4.

16. Wire Man.

17. Stone Hunter 1                                        (Pilot).

18. Stone Hunter 2.

19. Stone Hunter 3.

20. Stone Hunter 4.

21. Jack Banger.

22. List Maker.

23. The Baker's rolling pins. (several).

24. The Baker.




25. Clicket                                                       (Mechanic and elevator repair man).

26. The Skinner.                                              (Dead man with 6 fingers on each hand).

27. The Stitcher.


Level 3 MINE


28. The Boat Boy                                               (Johnny).

29. Smoke Face.

30. Fish Guide.


Level 4 TOMB


31. Talking Monkeys.

32. Spit.                                                               (Leader Collector that spits).

33. 7 Other Collectors.

34. Worm of the dead.                                    (A huge worm made up of body pieces of dead

                                                                              people, aliens and animals).

35. Dead Bird.

36. Bone Grinder.

37. Door Monkey.

38. Tim.

39. Petals.




40. Sup.

41. Thin guy.

42. Fat guy.

43. The Paper Whisperer.                              (Middle aged lady cutting newspaper articles out

                                                                             and folds them into paper planes to spread news

                                                                             and send secret messages. She can whisper to her

                                                                              planes to make them go where she wants).

44. Coils.                                                           (A junk dealer who rents a cheap room in the

                                                                             Mill Station and fixes old radios).

45. The guards.

46. Handles.




47. Three Mountain Kings.


Level 7 STAIRS


48. Scootch.             

49. Blue Bird.                                                (Its egg juice injected makes humans immune against

                                                                         curse of the Flying Stones, for a short while).

50. Version 12.                                             (Lab guy).

51. Headless rebel Nimlen.                        (He had the bird whose eggs are immune to the power

                                                                          of the Flying Stones. He was punished by the other

                                                                           Nimlens and buried facing away from the Lightflow.

                                                                          Version 12 stole his bird and capitalized on it).

52. Nimlen Guards.


Level 8 CANAL


53. Uh.                                                          (Bicycle thief in the canals).





55. Lifters.

56. Drippers.                                           (Strange, short aliens with webbed feet who the Lifters

                                                                        catch and enslave to work in the ironworks, making the

                                                                        drums. Drippers are native to the mountain cave's lakes).



No characters in this one but the 2 Lifters in control room.


Level 11 LOST CITY


57. Candle Head 1                                 (Candle Head guarding staircase).

58. Flic                                                     (Cleaner of the temple who used to work as projectionist

                                                                   to provide entertainment for citizens. Lost his job when

                                                                   power station went down. He knows of a secret way out

                                                                   of the Lost City).

59. Candle Head 2

60. Several other Candle Heads

      guarding market area

61. Pittoosh                                            (Wooden puppet toy selling whisky at the market).

62. Lucknot                                             (Leader of the lost toys).

63. Pencilgun                                          (A paperboy toy).

64. Pink                                                    (A small toy girl in pink).

65. The cheering girls                            (Cheerleader toys).

66. Jeremy                                               (A very tall toy, last hope for the toys’ battle against the

                                                                    Candle Heads).

67. Clutter Room Gang                           (A street gang in the Lost City that loves to break toys and other

                                                                    stolen things apart and take it up to a room in the tallest building

                                                                    in the Lost City where their leader loves to put things back 

                                                                    together again).

68. Stretch                                                 (Leader of the Clutter Room Gang. He loves to break things apart 

                                                                    like toys, machines and furniture and then hang their parts all

                                                                    around his room while he tries to put it back together again.

                                                                    He wears a noose around his neck. The city’s people caught him

                                                                    once and tried to hang him but the rope broke. He never took the

                                                                    noose off his neck and has been wearing it since).

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