Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
You Tube channel for all EfMS videos:
Tuesday ...

No subscribers to my website yet.
I am going to place a few more ads on Craigslist today and see what happens.
I am still working on the list of final concept designs.
Otherwise just very hot days and more crazy people on the streets.
I pulled my backup laptop and Asus U56E out of storage today just to update it and charge its battery.

Working on final concept design list for characters ...

… today, watching a few new Twitch game developing streams in the background.
Money is tight.
Hoping to get work in soon.
Rendering a new shot of my Catalina sequence and its only 17 minutes per frame since I deleted the ground and don't have the engines in the frame.
Hoping to get through the list today so I can draw up my timeframe around it.

Placed several ads for subscriptions to my website ..

Placed 3 more today.
Targeting cities in the U.S. on Craigslist.
See how that goes.
If I don't have any subscribers by the end of the week I will probably kill the idea.

Very hot days in Bellingham ...

Been hot sunny days here.
I am working on a a complete and detailed list of all the concept designs I have to do for each character and its gear + clothing.
The list is pretty long and I worry that I will be able to get through it all.
That is why its important to build this list so I can monitor progress and budget time spent on each item.
Also awaiting the production ready release of Unreal 4.20.
I want to see what they did with Niagra, the new particle system interface.
Otherwise things are well, money is just very little at the moment.

Work rolling in ...

I have 5 concept renderings rolling in and one book page pasteup I have to do.
Happy to get some funding in again so I can continue working on my game project  :-)

Looking for freelance work ...

Have been emailing around the last three days for any freelance work but got very little reaction so far.
I wonder if I shouldn't just get a regular stupid job here in Bellingham and just stick with it. Rather than wasting days and days looking for freelance work.

Its Friday the 13th and ...

… I am doing backups onto my 5TB external drive today.
Also pulling a few things off it to add to my online reel.
Other than that I am just emailing around for freelance work and
working on my character designs.

Added a subscription button to my website ...

… hoping that will help fund the project.
We will see.
If it doesn't work I will remove it later.

Drawing up a more detailed schedule for EfMS project ...

A little worried about the time things are taking so I am going to draw up a little more detailed schedule today for the project.
Otherwise just downloading tutorial videos and working on my character concept designs.
Sent a lot of emails out for visual effects work with very little reaction.
That seems to be pretty dead at the moment.

More or less the final looks of the main character ... for now :-)

Modeling finer details ...

Kicking off with color modeling and lighting ...

Completed the line drawings of the angles I want to cover ...

Color modeling and lighting begins.
Then after this next stage I will start layering the clothing and gear on.

Continuing on today with final concept design for Roy ...

I am still busy with the "in boxers only" version where I am just showing the anatomy and body configuration.
I expect to start color modeling that today and get pretty far with it.
Hopefully finish that by tomorrow and then start with the layers of clothing and gear.
By the end of the week I hope to be done with the Roy character final concept designs.
I am a little worried how long these sketches are taking but I have been distracted with other things lately so I expect it to pick up now.

Changed my mind about the Kickstarter thing ...

I was lying in bed last night thinking …
I am so tired of designing my workflow around fundraising "beacons".
The whole building of the prototype game (which didn't do anything really) and jumping in at odd points or stages of the game development process just to show gameplay videos and trailers … where I should be focusing on getting the damn game built in the first place.
So last night I decided to "assume" that I am building this game all by myself and just go ahead and let the Kickstarters work around me instead of the other way around. I really want to build this game up and through each stage the way I want to and without compromising anything just to meet a fundraising goal.
So I am going to not set a date for Kickstarter again but rather just have another Kickstarter when I reach a stage in the development process where I feel I have something to show.

Selections completed ...

I think I have a very good scene for the 2nd teaser trailer that will involve characters, dialogue and grab the essence of the main theme of the game's story.
Then I selected one action and one character driven scene for the gameplay videos.
The opening cinematic is pretty established by now so I know what I will be doing there.

Doing scene selection today ...

Picking scenes and levels to be featured in 2nd Kickstarter 14th of December.
Then I will be able to consolidate my efforts and work efficiently.

Schedule running up to 2nd Kickstarter announced >>>

14 December 2018

Main musical theme and composer announced >>

Still working on concept design for Roy ...

Main character coming along nicely.
I will probably start modeling and lighting the sketches tomorrow.
I added turnaround angles today.
Side, half turned and back.

Enhancements to realistic look ...

With the lead character design I am making the head little bigger, torso slightly bigger, legs longer, wrists narrower, ankles narrower, feet and hands bigger.


Hello Etienne Andlau,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us regarding Escape
from Mill Station
. After reviewing the project with our internal group, we feel that the project is not a match with IGV’s current direction. We do appreciate the opportunity to look at your project and wish you success in future game development endeavors.



IGV Submissions Team

PAGE BREAK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Took pictures of myself this morning ...

… in different poses.
I took them with me standing in underwear so I can build the concept design of the character from the ground up.
Its a bit of a challenge to sit in Starbucks and cut pictures out of myself in underwear very funny.
I picked a seat in the back corner with my screen facing away from everyone  LOL

Charging HD camera tonight for shooting myself tomorrow ...

I am looking at character design videos on You Tube tonight.
Charging HD camera to shoot myself from different angles tomorrow.
Then I kick off with the final production design for Roy Stratik.

Workflow for the final character designs ...

Workflow for character designs EfMS game project:


0. Template: 8.5X11 inches, RGB, 300 dpi.

1. Picture reference of plain front view.

2. Line trace of picture reference.

3. Body only. (wearing underwear) Messy hair. Wet hair.

     Tired face. Good face. Dirty face. Scarred or bruised face.

     Wet face. Sand covered face. Wet body. Scarred or wounded body.

     Dirty body.

4. Clothing and gear different versions and different color tones.

    Wet clothes. Dirty clothes. Torn or damaged clothing and gear.

5. Alternative angles of the above.

6. Alternative poses of the above.

Revamped my folder structure getting ready for final game building ...

Shifting over to final production design on characters ...

I will be doing the final production design and all the characters next.
After that I will build them in Blender, rig them and texture them.
After they are all done and test imported into UE4 I will schedule a video
shoot with myself only and perform all the animations.
Then I will be ready to start building the locomotion system for the main character and
build the movements for the NPC characters.
This time I will focus on getting all the characters completed first before I even start 
level building inside Unreal 4.

Shoot cancelled ...

Decided to cancel the shoot tomorrow and attempt to play all the characters myself.
Budget reasons.
We will see how that goes.

Getting ready for Monday shoot ...

Giving actors on set versions of script with their dialogue in bold letters.
Working down my prep list >>

1. Print out everyone's dialogue, 2 copies each.
2. $--- cash in envelopes.
3. Snacks.
4. Charge HD camera.
5. Test SD on camera.
6. Test transfer to 5 TB drive through old laptop.
7. Charge externals.
8. Charge old laptop.
9. Look at test footage and determine specs.
10. Bottled waters, crackers, fruit, bagels crm cheese.
    plastic utensils and paper plates.
    paper napkins.
11. Pack pillow.
12. Storyboard shots carefully - think about them.
    Print out.
13. Laundry.
14. Clean and check equipment. 
15. Bring pens for signing.
16. Print out extra copies of contracts.
17. Buy extension cords.
18. Make check out and place in envelope.

Ready for Monday's shoot ...

Locked and loaded for Monday's shoot.
Looking forward to it.  :-)

Contracts and meetings with actors ...

Monday is first day of shooting.
Contracts with actors drawn up.
Waiting for meetings with actors starting tomorrow morning.

Character roles' confirmed ...

9 Characters roles' locked.
Whole bunch pending.
Wednesday I will be meeting the first group of actors. 
Monday the 25th I will probably be shooting the first half day.

Found an old picture of me on the set of Maximum Surge 1995 ...

Casting begins ...

Handing out character sheets today.

Script revisions completed ...

Script revisions completed.
I am drawing up character sheets starting tomorrow morning.
I hope I can get the major ones printed up tomorrow so I can start handing them out.

On the last level with script revisions ...

So I will surely finish today.
Tomorrow morning I have to set up the individual characters sheets and then casting officially begins.
I want to shoot on the 25th so there wont be much time to find actors.
If I cant find all of them by the 25th then I will shoot the ones I find later, just  later.

At level 10 ...

(Submarine) with script revisions.
I expect and hope to finish that up today.
Music score submissions keep coming in and I am getting some really nice work.

On page 137 out of 187 with script revisions ...

Pretty confident I will finish up tomorrow. 
Then its drawing up character sheets.

6 actors confirmed so far ...

Rolling right along for the 25th which I am hoping the first shooting date will be.
Otherwise just working on script revisions and about 2 thirds through the entire story.

Halfway ...

Reached the halfway point with script revisions.
At level 8 ( Canal ).
Hoping I can wrap this up quickly so I can print out those character sheets.

Might shoot outdoor rather than in a studio ...

In order to save even more money I am considering to shoot outdoors in a park.
Then I can take 2 actors at a time and I wont have to worry to get everyone's schedules to agree.
I think that approach might make more sense and then I can take my time and do it right.
I wont have to race against schedules.
I am only considering that new plan right now.

Did a huge simplification of the keybord functions in game ...

I decided to go with a simple overlay for inventory items but it wont freeze the game. You will be able to move your mouse over a grid and select clothing and equipment. I am also having the character himself decide where to store what on his body so that the player doesn't have to think about it.

Reached page 102 ...

… out of 185 for script revisions.
I am hoping to wrap up tomorrow and finish off the character sheets by Tuesday. 

Add on Craigslist placed ...

I placed an add on Craigslist (above) for video shoot coming up soon.
First actor already responded to it.
Otherwise I need to work on script revisions today and next two days.
Then character sheets, print them out and start the casting.
Really looking forward to the video shoot its going to be awesome.

Decided to take 2 more days for script revisions and character sheets ...

Not making as fast progress with script revisions as I would like so I am going to take two more days and work on that. Then on Tuesday I will draw my character sheets up. So I should kick off on casting on Wednesday next week.

Script revisions ...

IGV contacted me and wanted to see the prototype game version.
Slim chance of getting funding from them I think but you never know.
Other than that I am rendering a new Catalina shot out starting today its shot 9 in the montage I am putting together.
At level 4 out of 15 with script revisions and its going well.
Little worried I am not going to get the characters I have in mind for the roles but lets hope.
I am also still considering playing all the parts myself if all else fails.
Perfectly prepared to do that.

Casting to begin very soon ...

Looks like I will finish up with script revisions tomorrow night.
Then I will put character sheets together Saturday and Sunday.
On Monday I want to print the character sheets out and start handing them to actors I have in mind to fill those roles.
My time budget for casting is two weeks starting Monday and I want to do the video shoot (3D modeling and animation references) from the 25th to 29th of this month.
I can move the shooting dates if I have to.
I plan to shoot with 2 cameras. One for face and one for full body.
Then I also want to not shoot HD but just a consumer, lower res format so I can save on disc space.

Ohshitbear ...

A woman told me what nickname her friends gave her during her teen years shortly after they returned from a horse ride.
Its "Ohshitbear"   :-)
Thought that was pretty funny  :-)

Got more great musical score submissions in today ...

I am getting really great work submitted to me.
Otherwise just working on script revisions.