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Here is the opening of level 5 ...

< Cinematic. Roy is standing on the edge of the wooden porch and where there is still a piece of the rope bridge dangling
  in the wind. The wind has died down though and the entire tomb ship is covered by thick fog. Its only barely visible.
  The entire space around the Mill Station has transformed into a weird "heavenly" like world. Almost dreamlike. Not much
  of the mountain can be seen through the thick fog. Its almost as if the Mill Station building is drifting in the middle
  of a cloud. What did that piano man say ..? Sometimes this building is here and sometimes not? Could it have moved into
  the clouds somewhere ... drifted off? Or is it still at the same mountain's side? Roy stands and looks down at where he
  can barely see the tomb ship in the fog. He wonders ... Maybe the piano man meant that the fog thickens and then you cant
  see the building ..? >
Then Roy is distracted by the pleasant smell of food on a warm fire behind him. The noise of pots and pans being moved
around. Roy peeks in through the open door. He sees a large man inside what looks like a kitchen moving around. In the
corner there is an open fire grill. Rather big. Looks like food for a large group of people are made here. Who though?
< Cinematic. Roy steps inside the kitchen. The big man turns around to greet him: "Aha you are finally here are you?"
  Roy is puzzled and frowns at the cooking man: "Uh you have been expecting me now?" The big man wipes his right hand on
  his dirty apron and extends it towards Roy: "Well of course we have. Cant you see I started on supper already?" Roy
  hesitates and then shakes his hand: "Roy." The cook: "Sup! Good to meet you!" Roy tilts his head: "Just Sup?" Sup: "Yeah
  that is what they like to call me. They cant pronounce my real name. I forgot how to spell it anyways. Never been good
  at the books." Sup points at the stove: "You can help me stoke the fire if you like. The wood is right there. Just open
  grill door down there and throw some on the fire ... Roy then asks: "I am trying to find my way to the Ironworks.
  Do you know where it is? Sup: Oh I think that is what she wants to talk to you about." Roy: "She?" Sup: "Yes. A woman.
  This supper is really important. Good information comes with good food. So help me make it great and you will find your
  way to that Ironworks in no time." Roy just looks at Sup. >
Roy agrees and walks over to a pile of firewood. He picks one up, opens the grill door and throws it on the fire. The grill
flares up for a second. He throws another log on the fire.
Sup comes to stand behind him: "I got some meat there in the back you can throw it on the grill for me too if you like." Roy
agrees and walks to the back of the kitchen. He finds an assortment of meat lying on a wooden table. Fish and a few other
animals he doesn't recognize. Sup yells from the front of the kitchen: "Grab some patatoes too. They are right next to the
meat on a shelf." Roy sees the patatoes and grabs a few. He walks back to the grill and throws the meat on it. Sup suggests:
"For those patatoes you should wrap them in this ..." He walks up behind Roy and puts a roll of some kind of cloth down next
to him: "This wont burn but it will grill those patatoes nice and evenly." Roy wraps the patatoes in the fabric and throws
them on the grill next to the patatoes.
< Cinematic. Then Sup gives Roy a weird look. He comes to stand really close to Roy. "You know. There is a favor you could
  do for me. Since you carry a pistol. Strange shape though. Haven't seen one like that before ..." Roy shakes his head:
  "No I cant give it to you. I need it." Sup moves even closer: "No. There is a man upstairs. In one of my rooms. He is
  the leader of a gang. He and his men have terrorized these mountains for a long time. Even Stone Hunter fears him. He has
  very strange powers and many have tried to kill him but failed. Some have ended up working for him. He moved in here 2
  weeks ago and he and his men have been drinking all my wine in the cellar upstairs. They love the wine so much they cut
  a hole right through the top of the cellar and that gave them a quicker access to the wine. Dont even bother to come down
  the stairs anymore. At least that helps me out. They dont scare my guests away. Two of his men guard the stairs in the dining
  area though. You cant get to him up through that staircase. (A shot of the two men guarding stairway). Roy wonders: "Well
  how would I get to him though ..? Not that I have agreed to do it though ..." Sup: "I will make it worth it for you and
  your lady friend though. Besides come here ... " Sup opens a door at a crack and have Roy peek through: "See you cant get
  past thise men at the bottom of the stairs. You wont be able to meet your friend for super unless you get around them. Kill
  the leader upstairs and then sneak back down the stairs and surprise them from behind. They will never expect anyone getting
  at them from upstairs see? I will also cook the best ever supper for you guys you have ever tasted. It will power you
  through at least 3 days. All you have to do is climb up into the winde cellar. There is a hole in the ceiling.
  You get up there and crawl through it and then all you have to do is find the last room at the very top. Its that easy.
  Then kill him. Or ... there might be another way ..."
Monday 5 March 2018
  Then Sup closes the door again very carefully and waves at Roy to follow him outside to the porch. They both walk out on it
  and Sup points straight up into the air: "See there it is. The room's only window. You have to get all the way up there.
  Going through the roof of the wine cellar is the best way." Roy understands what he must do. There are footholds on the
  outside so it might be possible to climb up to the window from here but there are gaps between the porch and the first
  reachable foothold against the wall. He has an idea: "Sup what if I can use that ladder of yours and climb up on this side?"
  Sup: "Bad idea. The ladders here are very old. They might break and then you will forever through that mist below. Dont
  think that will end well ..." Roy: "O.k. then very good. Through the wine cellar it is." Roy and Sup walks back into the
  kitchen and Roy goes to stand in front of the ladder that leads into the wine cellar. Sup: "When you come down those stairs
  knock on the door after you take care of those men. Your meal will probably be ready by then. I will open the door and
  serve it outside to you guys on the patio. Dont keep the lady waiting for too long. Oh one more thing. No jumping around
  once in the cellar. Dont skip a ladder. Climb slowly and keep both hands on the ladder you are on. Its all rotten up
  there and it can crumble under your weight very easily. I already lost my cleaning guy like that. Poor fela was standing
  just outside to was a window and the pane snapped under his weight. He fell into the mists below. Didn't even scream. >
Roy climbs the ladder. He snorts at the large sacks of grain holding its base in position. He enters a very dimly lit interior.
Its all made up of a thick and smelly wooden posts and paneling against the walls. There are dozens of wine bottle racks along
the walls. Most of the bottles are empty though. Some of them smashed. Roy sees a lot of broken glass on the floor. He walks
carefully not to step in it. Then he hears a loud scream coming from a more brightly lit interior up ahead. Its coming from
high above. Its a man's voice and it doesn't sound to friendly: "Hurry up you dumb shit. Get the tube into a new bottle. Master
is out of wine and is waiting. Do I have to come down there and wake you up again?"
Roy notices that there is a long tube of some kind connected to a pump cart standing in front of him on the floor. The tube
runs straight into an empty bottle from the cart. In a corner there is a bucket with dirty water in it and a mop. Looks like
someone was cleaning here not too long ago. Then he walks past the cart and sees a thin man passed out in a comfortable looking
chair right next to a little table. There are empty bottles lying on the little table next to him. Drinking on the job are you
Roy mumbles out softly ...
< Cinematic. A big fat man at the very top of what looks like the highest point in the wine cellar is leaning over the edge
  trying to see where the thin man is: "I have to taste it first before I pass the tube up to the boss. Hurry up. Make sure
  you choose the best bottle. If it tasts like shit I am going to come down there ..." >
Roy walks on to where he can barely look around the corner and up at the fat man yelling down from the highest point of the
ceiling. Its brightly lit up there so Roy can see him clearly but the bottom where Roy is standing is shadowed and dimly lit.
So he doesn't see Roy. Then Roy mumbles to himself: "Must get up there. How am I going to get past that fat guy up there with
the big mouth?", Roy wonders. He also studies the series of ladders that leads up against the cellar's walls and wine racks.
It looks like a labarynth reaching the top and who knows which of those ladders will break if he decides to climb up there. its
going to be a tricky one for sure.
The fat man keeps yelling that if the selection tastes bad he will come down there ...
Roy is thinking ... What if he makes the selection for the thin man? What if he can make an extra bad one for that fat guy
up there. He will come down here and try and wake up the thin guy. Then maybe sneak around him and climb the ladders before
the fat man gets back up there? Seems like a good plan. Roy mumbles to himself: "Where can I find something that tastes really
bad. That will make the fat guy come down here faster than he ever did in the past ..?"
Then Roy looks at the mop and bucket in the far corner. Mmm. I wonder ... Roy smiles. He walks to the cart. Pushes it closer
to the bucket and mop. "Oh you are going to love this fat guy" , he chuckles softly to himself.
Roy takes the end of the tube and drops it into the bucket ...
< Cinematic. Roy pulls and yanks on the tube. The fat man believes its a signal and he starts to suck on the tube until his
  whole face turns red. Roy watches the dirty water come out of the bucket and flow through the tube all the way up to the
  fat man. Suddenly there is a loud spurting sound and the fat man yells out louder than ever before: "You little shit!
  What the hell have you found? Piss? I am coming down! Just wait till I get there I will give you a bottle over the head!" >
Roy slips in between the racks and hides in the shadows. Hopefully that fat guy will walk right past him and he will be able
to slip past him and work his way up there.
< Cinematic. The fat man is working his way down the ladders: "Its a good thing I can still remember the way down otherwise
  you would have been in even more trouble ..."
  Then something unexpected happens. The fat man decides to skip the last ladder and just jump onto the wooden floor.
  However the wood is rotten and his weight crashes right through the floor. Only a narrow rim of wooden planks remain
  around the base area where the vertical walls meet.
  Roy's head peeks out around the corner. He is smiling. He walks forward and looks down the big dark hole and listens as
  the fat man crashes through one floor below after another ... "Next time dont skip the last ladder and do keep both hands
  on it", Roy chuckles ..."

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