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Extract: Roy meets the Paper Whisperer ...

He gets to the top though and looks around him. Roy looks on the floor and sees piles and piles of old newspapers all over it.
They are also stacked up against the walls. Some of the piles look like they could fall over any moment. Then he hears the sounds
of someone folding paper through a doorway. He walks up to the door. Its open and he looks inside ...
< Cinematic. Roy as a teen looks around the corner of a poor looking bedroom of some kind. It looks like an old hospital room
  that was converted into a bedroom. There is an old bed to the side rather high off the ground. Then there is an elderly woman
  sitting at a small round table in front of a single window with poor looking curtains at its side. The sound of scissors
  cutting paper as she is cutting newspaper articles out and placing them on the table. Next to her there is a single pile of
  newspapers sitting on the ground. The woman becomes aware of Roy standing in the doorway. She puts the scissors down on the
  table slowly. Then turns around. Roy the man is standing in the doorway: "I dont mean to disturb you. I was just wondering
  if you know the way upstairs ..." The woman turns back around slowly. Very sad looking: "They call me The Paper Whisperer. I
  can give you a small map of the place if you like ..." She picks up a small paper map from another pile on her table and folds
  that into a small paper plane. When she is done she holds the paper plane close to her mouth and whispers to it: "Gently now
  with a little haste find the man with dirty nails and show him the way ..." Roy looks in amazement as the little paper plane
  flies out of her hands and comes to drift right in front of him. He takes the plane from the air in his one hand. Then he looks
  at his nails: "My name is Roy. My nails are not that dirty are they?" The woman ignores what he said. She picks up the
  article she just cut out of a newspaper and folds it into a paper plane. Then she stands up and goes to stand in front of the
  open window. She looks through it for a few seconds as if she is searching for something or someone. Then she whispers: "Find
  the winds and fast you go to find my son who crossed the great water to search for his wings ..." The little paper plane flies
  right out of her hands and through the open window. It rises up into the sky until it disappears into the clouds above ...
  Roy looks down at the map in his hands: "Thank you." The Paper Whisperer waves her hand to invite him inside: "You can sit
  here and have some coffee with me. Its almost done ..." She points at an empty chair ... Just watch out for that hole in the
  floor. Some poor bastard fell through all the way from upstairs. My guess is he is probably still falling judging by how tall
  this building is. Who knows where the bottom is ..." >
Roy walks into the room. He snorts as he looks at the big hole in the floor: "I wonder who that could be". He closes the
door behind him nervously looking down the hallway just to make sure there are no gang members around. He walks through her
room and looks at het pictures on the walls. Also on her bed there are piles of letters that looks like she wrote it.
Then the kettle in the far corner starts to whistle and the woman brings it to the table. Roy sits down. She pours him a cup
of coffee. Hands him some milk and sugar: "I notice you wear a gun. If you are going up to the top room to take care of the Boss
that have been staying here for free and drinking all the wine, I can help you distract his guards." Roy is interested: "Sure.
What would you do?" The Paper Whisperer leans in closer to him and lowers her voice as if someone might be listening: "We have
to talk quietly. Many nosy guests up here. They like to stand outside doors and listen in. Got nothing better to do poor souls."
Roy is wondering: "Who is this man anyways? Why is he here?"
The Paper Whisperer shakes her head: "Nobody really knows. We hear the sounds of metal machinery coming from up there. I think
they are building something up there. Cant be a good thing ..."
Thursday 8 March 2018
The Paper Whisperer continues: "You dont have enough bullets for all the guards upstairs and getting around them will be
impossible but I can do something for you that will help you get around them without any effort. In that way you will catch the
Boss off guard and he wont have a chance to escape and return another day. See this box? I have a special collection of articles
in there. They are particularly boring. With the right words whispered they can make any of those guards fall asleep almost
instantly. I just have to fold them into little planes for you first and add my special touch of magic."
Roy is doubtful but wants to sound greatful: "Sure why not. Anything that can make my job easier. Do you want anything in return?"
The Paper Whisperer goes to stand in front of an old clock on the wall: "Yes there is something you have to do for me first.
Not very hard. There is an old man one floor up. He fixes old radios and is also building one big powerful radio. He thinks he
can combine all his radios into one to send a powerful enough signal to his people so they can come pick him up. What a fool.
Anyways, he borrowed a small screwdriver from me. Its very tiny with a red handle. It has a special head with which you can open
that clock and fix anything in it. Its been dead ever since I found it. I was told that it shows real time and it never loses
even a second. It has a spell on it. Very unusual to find around here but they do exist. If you can go one floor up and try get
it back from Coils, that radio man, I would be very grateful."
Roy agrees: "O.k. deal. I will go up there and talk to him. One way or another I will get it back for you. Do you know where he
keeps it?"
The Paper Whisperer sniffs and chuckles: "They gave him the biggest room. It takes up an entire floor. Its such a mess I have no
idea. Just do your best. I am sure you will find it. You look like a clever one."
Roy: "Once I have it do I bring it back down here for you?"
Paper Whisperer: "Yes. I will wait for you here. I will start on folding those little sleepy planes for you now so when you come
back they will be ready for you."

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