Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
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Extract from the story of level 3 ....

... Roy hears a voice coming from the far corner of the dining room. There is a large water pipe of some kind on
a table that was turned right side up to stand on the ceiling now floor. In a large comfortable chair there sits
what looks like the remains of one of the creatures that boarded the ship. He is long dead though but the
strange thing is his water pipe is still working and there is a face inside the glass vase like tube mounted on
top of the pipe. The face is mumbling to itself until Roy comes to stand next to it.
Then the face made up of smoke looks up at Roy: "You dont look like you belong here. Where did you come from?",
the Smoke Face asks Roy.
Roy frowns at the smoke face inside the pipe: "I am on my way to the Ironworks. I have to get to the ceiling of
the cave by freeing the ship from the chains with this key", Roy holds up the key he forged on the island.
Smoke Face smiles: "Aha you passed the test I see. First one. Very good. Only thing is to get to the top of the
ship where the chains are locked together you have to pass through the last deck. its filled with Flying Stones
and a lot of them have leaked out of the drums."
Roy grunts: "Yeah I know about those Flying Stones alright. Cant touch those things without turning to stone".
Smoke Face frown: "Yes sounds like you know about those things already. Only Stone Hunters can handle them for
a while anyways but even they eventually turn to stone. In order to pass through that last deck you need to
cover your skin with a fish oil. Its at the bottom of the cave unfortunatly. Its also very hard to find. You
will need a guide to take you to it."
Roy folds his arms: "Oh really? And where do I find this guide? Is it a fish?"
Smoke Face chuckles: "It is a fish actually. If you find the man with the cat with nine tails you will find the
Fish Guide. Its in a small bottle the man always carries with him. He is somewhere in the ship I believe. I
dont think they bothered to take him."
Roy wonders: "Then once I have this fish what do I do with it?"
Smoke Face grunts: "Then you have to climb down the main mast all the way into the water and down to the bottom
of the lake. You will have to hold your breath and set the Fish Guide free. Its attracted to the oil and will
swim for it. You need to follow it. Then grab the fish oil and bring it back up the mast and into the ship."
Roy frowns: "Then what do I do with it?"
Smoke Face continues: "You cover your body with it. Face, arms, hands anything that is exposed to the air. Then
you wont turn to stone when you pass through that deck."
Roy looks on as Smoke Face begins to fade away. In a few seconds he is gone. The smoke inside the water pipe has
cleared completely.
Roy glares at the dead pirate creature one more time. At its chicken like legs: "Pfft. What he hell are these
things and what were they smoking?", Roy mumbles out loud ...

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