Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
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Extract from the opening of level 5 ...

Roy is standing on the edge of the wooden porch and where there is still a piece of the rope bridge dangling in the wind. The
wind has died down though and the entire tomb ship is covered by thick fog. Its only barely visible. The entire space around
the Mill Station has transformed into a weird "heavenly" like world. Almost dreamlike. Not much of the mountain can be seen
through the thick fog. Its almost as if the Mill Station building is drifting in the middle of a cloud. What did that piano
man say ..? Sometimes this building is here and sometimes not? Could it have moved into the clouds somewhere ... drifted off?
Or is it still at the same mountain's side? Roy stands and looks down at where he can barely see the tomb ship in the fog. He
wonders ... Maybe the piano man meant that the fog thickens and then you cant see the building?

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