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Extract from 2nd last level's story ...

He decides to walk over to the table where the Baker is serving freshly baked bread and cheese to the Wire Man, Clicket and Jack Banger. When Roy gets close to the table, the Baker suddenly sees him.

The Baker: “Oh hello Roy. You can join us. I just made these …”

Everyone’s head turns in Roy’s direction. Roy wonders if he should sit down or just remain standing. He doesn’t really have the time for a long conversation, but he would like to know more about the Mill Station’s history and it seems that is the topic of conversation here.

Wire Man: “I tell you man. I have watched that tower for a long time now. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not.”

Jack Banger: “Are you sure it’s not just the fog?”

Wire Man: “Very sure. Even on clear days when I can see all the way up there it is sometimes just not there. Like it vanished. Very strange magic going on up there. Then sometimes I look up there and I see the tower being built.”

Clicked: “Being built? So, it’s being built over and over again?”

The Baker: “Maybe it’s in a time flux or something?”

Roy: “Is it the same tower you see being built over and over again?”

Wire Man: “Can’t be hundred percent sure but it looks like it is the same tower. It always looks exactly the same and it tilts slightly to one side. Always the same side.”

Jack Banger: “Who builds it?”

Wire Man: “I don’t know. I can’t see that clearly all the way up there, but it is a Stone Hunter tower for sure. They are known for the towers they build. Always in the mountains and always in the fog. No one really knows why or what those towers do. No one knows why they are hiding it. It always has that distinct tilt to one side.”

Jack Banger: “Maybe they just can’t build the damn thing straight and keeps rebuilding it over and over again trying to get it standing straight up?”

Clicked: “Well with those Flying Stones they collect and consume, who knows what madness they acquire. It makes them super strong. Gives them great power. Maybe not very clear thinking …”

Roy: “What are those Stone Hunters? Why do they take prisoners?”

Clicket: “They came after this building was abandoned a long time ago. They brought their technology and Flying Stones with them. Added the waterwheel and changed this place into a power generating station to make their machines work. They built the cable car to run up to that tower and the pipeline that takes human and alien skins all the way up there. No one knows what exactly for, but everyone seems to agree it’s probably for some kind of religious ceremony of some kind. The Stone Hunters are very spiritual beings, but they don’t share their rituals with anyone. They keep it to themselves. We think the prisoners are taken up there to either help build that tower, work in it or maybe even sacrificed. Out guess is as good as yours Roy.”

The Baker: “The Mill Station evolved over many years into what it is now. Belonged to many different races. Served many different purposes. We don’t know when it really all began. Only sure thing is its been rebuilt many times for different reasons. No one really knows who built the original building or how far below its foundations are.”

Jack Banger: “Or even what is down there …” He chuckles out loud.

The Baker: “I always wonder what materials were used to build it with. What ingredients. It’s so incredibly tall.”

Clicket: “Why would it be running all long the side of the mountain anyways?”

Wire Man: “Maybe it was a temple. The original builders tried to build it all the way down to that triangle.”

Jack Banger: “They probably thought that triangle is a god or something …”

Clicket: “Only thing is. The lower floors are a lot older than the top. I checked. I went pretty deep down into it. So, its pretty certain that the building began below and was built upwards.”

Roy: “Maybe the Stone Hunters added the newer materials to the top parts?”

The Baker: “Maybe but not likely. They are very poor builders. They pretty much just add their machines and build their ships. Only thing they can get right. Most of the time anyways. I have never heard of them build buildings like this.”  

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