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< Cinematic. Roy walks in closer to investigate. He goes to stand behind the old woman: "Are you alright?"
  The woman turns around rather startled but in too much pain to do it quickly: "No. I cut myself on that cutter. We
  use it to trim the flowers but I cut my hand on it. I knew it would happen some day ..."
  Roy looks at her holding her hand dripping blood on the floor: "What can I do to help?"
  The old woman introduces herself: "My name is Petals. That is what they call me anyways. Its not my real name but I forgot
  what my real name was. Iv'e been here for so long ... Will you do me a big favour? If I die can you hide my body so the
  Collectors dont find it? I dont want them to take my body."
  Roy: "Well let me see if there is anything I can do to help first. You only cut your hand. Sure its not that serious ..."
  Petals: "Maybe you can. My daughter is not here today to help me. There is a medicine chest somewhere in the basket room
  upstairs. The basket room is such a mess though. We dont get much help around here you know and I cant climb those stairs
  with my legs. My daughter can but she forgets. She forgets a lot of things. Sometimes I wonder why ... and sometimes I
  forget to wonder ..."
  Roy: "Well let me go see if I can find it. Keep that wound wrapped up until I come back."
  Petals: "Thank you dear".
  Roy: "Oh I am trying to get to the back end of this tomb ship. There is a cable car there I must take to the top to get
  out of here. Do you know how to get back there?"
  Petals: "Yes there is but the cable car is broken though."
  Roy: "I can fix it. I know how."
  Petals: "Well that is good. I cant remmeber too clearly how to get there through here. Its upstairs for sure and then there
  is a door ... I think. Tell you what. You bring me a drink from the wine room upstairs near the basket room and I might
  remmeber a little better. It will help with the pain too ..."
  Roy: "O.k. I will." >
Roy walks away from Petals and stops in front of a bag on the floor. There is a whole bunch of tomb raider skulls in it.
Roy wonders what that is doing in here. Then Roy walks further along and
stops in front of the big opening on the far end just to look at the view and to check it out. He walks in between rows
of coffins. They are all made out of metal of some kind and have big locks on them. There are
flower arrangements at the head of each one. Looks like this place is a flower shop for the dead or something Roy thinks to
himself. Then he also sees more tomb raider skulls on top of the coffins. They hiss at Roy as he walks past them. They also
skreech as they turn slowly to keep their eyes on Roy. He reaches the big wide opening and looks down at the fast moving
mists below in the canoyn. He sees faces in the mist and wonder if those are from all the dead here on the tomb ship.
Maybe the Collectors have something to do with that ...
< Cinematic. Then as if the mere thought of the Collectors got their attention, a group of 3 weird looking flying craft stops
  right in front of the opening. Men is long black clothes and only one arm each get out and steps into the floor where Roy
  is standing. There are 8 in total. Four from each flying machine. They walks towards Roy and forms a tight half cicle
  around him. One of them seems to be the leader. He looks very dead, half rotten but yet he speaks to Roy: "Is she dead yet?"
  Roy assumes he means the old lady upfront: "No she just cut her hand. I dont think she will die ..." The half dead man in
  black speaks again: "Oh just let her bleed out. She is as good as dead anyways."
  Roy folds his arms: "What do you want?"
  The man speaks again: "We came to collect some dead bodies. Tell you what. We can give you a very good deal. You help us
  load some of these coffins onto our ships and we can give you some of our Flying Stones. They are very powerful and worth
  a lot in this world. We have only one arm. Not like lucky you who have two. Just leave that old woman out of it. She is
  nearly deaf anyways wont even know if we take them."
  Roy: "Oh I know all about Flying Stones actually. I nearly turned to stone last time I touched one of those ..."
  The man in black snorts and spits on the ground: "Well I will take that as a no then."
  Then the man in black draws a long sharp knife. Roy takes a step back as the other men draws their knives too. They close in
  on Roy ... Their single arms stretched out from their chests holding their knives ...
  Then suddenly they hear a cry coming from the other end of the room. Petals is holding one of the tomb raiders' skulls in
  her healthy hand: "Collectors! You give them a hand and they take an arm!"
  Collector leader named Spit: "I thought your hand got hurt."
  Petals: "Humans have 2 hands and this one works just fine!"
  With that said Petals aims and throws the skull straight at Spit's head. It hits him right in his face and his whole head
  explodes into dust.
  Roy pulls out his side arm. He fires a shot at one of the remaining Collectors but nothing happens. The bullet simply goes
  right through him.
  Petals yells: "Bullets wont kill them! Take the skulls from the coffins! Aim for their heads!"
Roy reaches out for the skulls on the coffins and throws it at the heads of the Collectors. One by one he and Petals kill them
and their heads explodes into a puff of rotten dust.

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