Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
You Tube channel for all EfMS videos:
Emailing around for freelance work and uploading ...

Taking a little time out while waiting for my new encoded bike riding video to upload to You Tube and emailing around for freelance work.
I re-encoded video with Avid codec rather than crappy consumer H264 and it looks a little better so I am uploading it again.
Discovered if you upload a really big video on You Tube
and you close your web browser and cancel the upload, you can click on the same file the next day when you go online to upload and You Tube will read the file, recognize it and just keep uploading it from the point you cancelled the upload.
You have to keep the file name, size and location exactly the same through.
So that is nice to know.
Happy accidents  :-)
Other than that I have my first good ideas on the Monastery level's storyline and I am about to start writing that.
Beautiful day here in Bellingham.

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