Consolidateed PBY Catalina 3D model
Easter came and went ...

Easter weekend just passed.
I uninstalled Apex Legends not interested in that game anymore.
Cleaned up my bookmarks on my Edge browser that was really getting cluttered.
I am almost done with Roy's leather jacket revisit, just to get the wrinkled look out.
I moved the side pockets up a bit as well as the name tag / pin.
I also improved the reflective surface of the G-1 jacket.
I think it looks better now and I am almost ready to bounce back onto Iritiree's full body concept design. I am also almost done with that and plan to publish a time lapse of her full body concept design right after I am done with it.
I do plan on keeping the concept design for the other characters a little looser so I can get then done quicker. I plan to do more "conceptual thinking" in the 3D modeling phase which I think makes sense since it wont result in double work.
As far as gaming goes I am pretty much down to Titanfall 2 and Warframe at the moment. Blacklight is really kinda dead for me now. Even Tango Down. 

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