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Changed my mind about the Kickstarter thing ...

I was lying in bed last night thinking …
I am so tired of designing my workflow around fundraising "beacons".
The whole building of the prototype game (which didn't do anything really) and jumping in at odd points or stages of the game development process just to show gameplay videos and trailers … where I should be focusing on getting the damn game built in the first place.
So last night I decided to "assume" that I am building this game all by myself and just go ahead and let the Kickstarters work around me instead of the other way around. I really want to build this game up and through each stage the way I want to and without compromising anything just to meet a fundraising goal.
So I am going to not set a date for Kickstarter again but rather just have another Kickstarter when I reach a stage in the development process where I feel I have something to show.

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